• how lip plumpers work

    Do Lip Plumpers Really Work?

    Craving fulls lips a la Angelina Jolie but the thought of getting injections scares the hell out of you? Lip plumpers look like the perfect solution. They make your lips bigger without pain, downtime or hours spent overdrawing your lips. But… do lip plumpers really work? Do they have what it takes to make your […]


  • askmewhats Nikki tiu

    Her Beauty Secrets: Interview with Nikki from Askmewhats

    I’ve recently had the pleasure to interview the lovely Nikki from Askmewhats. Her blog is one of my daily reads. Nikki is a beautiful, very sweet girl and her happy, bright personality shines through her blog. Her site features beauty products and restaurants reviews, great tutorials and amazing nail art! Read on to find out […]


  • why your bar soap should be ph balanced

    Liquid Soap vs. Bar Soap: Which One Is Better?

    Liquid soap vs bar soap: which team are you on? I’m team liquid soap all the way. I’ve never used anything else. Sure, I remember the odd bar soap around the house growing up, but they were just gathering dust on the bathroom shelves (ah, the fate of unwanted presents). It’s not just a personal […]


  • liz earle skin repair moisturiser normal combination review

    Is Fragrance In Skincare As Bad As Paula Begoun Says?

    I have a weird skincare rule: if it smells good, I don’t put it on my skin. No, I don’t like using products that stink (hello, Skinceuticals CE Ferulic!). And yes, I dig a beautiful fragrance as much as anyone else. But everything has its time and place. And your face isn’t the place for […]


  • Ingredients That Fight Dandruff

    Dandruff and I have been frenemies for ages. Or better, dandruff hangs around my head all the time like it wants to be my BFF. Me? I’ve been trying my best to get rid of it since it started stalking me. If you’ve been dealing with this pest, too, you know that’s no easy task. […]