• the body shop coconut body butter review 01

    The Coconut Body Butter That Saves My Skin Every Winter

    The first time I used the The Body Shop Body Butter, I heard angels singing from above. I know it sounds silly, but my skin is SO dry, most body creams and lotions leave it even drier and thirsting for more moisture. I had almost given up hope when I came across these body butters […]


  • cult 51 immediate effect serum 01

    Silicones In Skincare: Are They Bad For Skin?

    Ah, silicones. No one wants them. But, when they aren’t there, everyone complains. Well, they don’t complain of a lack of silicones. They complain of thick pastes that spread like chalk or hair that refuses to be combed through. You know, all those things silicones are there to fix. Turns out, silicones are quite the […]


  • ammonium laureth sulfate skincare

    Is Ammonium Laureth Sulfate In Skincare Dangerous?

    Is Ammonium Laureth Sulfate in skincare dangerous? You’ll usually find it on all the to-avoid lists, but what did it do to deserve a spot there? Is it as dangerous as people claim or are people making a fuss about nothing again? Let’s investigate: What Is Ammonium Laureth Sulfate? Scientific definition: Ammonium Laureth Sulfate is […]


  • woman smoking skin

    How Smoking Affects Your Skin (Hint: It’s Not Pretty)

    I was never tempted to smoke. As the daughter of two heavy smokers, I see first hand the damage it inflicts to your body. It ain’t pretty. I’m not talking just about lung cancer and heart diseases. We all know smoking causes those and, for many people, those aren’t good enough reasons to quit. *sighs* […]


  • powder with spf and sun protection

    Is Silica in Skincare Dangerous?

    Word on the beauty streets is that silica in skincare is trying to kill you. Silica is the latest ingredient accused of giving you silicosis and all sorts of nasty diseases. Once the rumours start, everyone adds its fair share of gossip and side effects. We don’t do gossip here. We do science. And when […]


  • vaseline skincare uses

    22 Surprising Beauty Uses For Vaseline

    Vaseline is a staple in my beauty bag. I lost count of the amount of times it came to my skin’s rescue and helped me out of a beauty emergency. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Vaseline doesn’t look like much. Plus, it’s so cheap. Surely, there’s not much you can do with it? On the […]