Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying And Plumping Daily BoosterVichy Mineral 89 Fortifying And Plumping Daily Booster review

Hands up if you take water for granted.

*raises hand*

I’m so busy feeding my skin all the antioxidants it needs, I often forget to quench its thirst for water. Ahem…

Most of the time, it’s not a problem. In the hottest months my skin has all the moisture it needs. No point in adding more.

But in winter? That’s when you realise how precious water is for your skin. The freezing cold winds and low humidity plot to suck all the air out of your skin, leaving it dry, dull and flaky.

That’s your cue to introduce a hydration booster into your skincare routine. Atm, I’m using the new Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying And Plumping Daily Booster. Here’s why:

What’s In Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying And Plumping Daily Booster?


It’s no secret that water is the main ingredient in most skincare products. But in Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying And Plumping Daily Booster it makes up a whooping 89% of the formula! That’s A LOT of water!

It’s not just plain water, either. It’s Vichy’s Thermal Water. The difference? Thermal waters come from hot springs and are rich in minerals that – legend goes – gives them moisturising, soothing and skin-strengthening properties.

Each type of thermal water has a slightly different composition. Vichy’s has 15 minerals, including potassium, magnesium and calcium. These are the same minerals found in your skin’s natural moisturising factor.

Unfortunately, all the studies I could find about Vichy’s thermal water are made by companies selling it. Still, water is good for your skin and the minerals in it are known to have soothing and moisturising properties. It’s not just a fad.

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Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying And Plumping Daily Booster has only 11 ingredients. Vichy did it on purpose so the booster wouldn’t irritate even the most sensitive of skin types.

Most of these other ingredients, such as glycerin and sodium hyaluronate, are humectants. That’s a fancy way of saying they draw moisture from the environment and dump it into the skin, binding it there.

I have a soft spot for sodium hyaluronate. It’s a form of hyaluronic acid that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! With all this moisture, your skin can’t help but get softer, plumper and glower!

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Lightweight, gel-like consistency that absorbs immediately into the skin.


It’s fragrance-free.

How To Use It

Morning and/or night, right after cleansing.

Performance & Personal Opinion

Now that winter’s coming fast, the low temperatures can suck all the moisture out of my skin, leaving it dry and even flaking. Anything that adds moisture back and helps fight this dehydration is welcome. 🙂

The catch? It’s not enough to add moisture into the skin. You have to keep it there. Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying And Plumping Daily Booster isn’t a moisturiser.

It’s a booster you apply after cleansing and then seal in with a moisturiser (FIY, you can apply a serum in between). Thankfully, it layers well with other skincare products.

This is something you’d use if you have dry or sensitive skin that needs that extra burst of moisture to stay soft and supple. If you find that your skin is feeling a little tighter than usual at this time of the year or your skin is always on the dry side, this could be a great addition to your skincare routine.

It does the hydrating job so well, it leaves my skin softer and plumper for hours.

vichy mineral 89 daily booster

Who Is This For?

Everyone can use it, but it’s most suitable for dry and dehydrated skin.

Who Is This NOT For?

If you don’t need a hydrating serum, this isn’t for you.


A clear to blue-coloured bottle that evokes the look and feel of water. The pump applicator releases just the right amount of product you need. Beautiful and practical.

Does Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying And Plumping Daily Booster Live Up To Its Claims?

Hydrates and plumps your skin with moisture. True.
Instantly strengthens the skin’s barrier function. It helps a little, but I still recommend following up with a moisturiser for this.
Acts as a protective shield against Pollution. No. You need antioxidants for this.
A fresh, light gel-like texture that absorbs into the complexion immediately, drenching it with moisture. True.
The first step in your skincare regime which leaves skin plump, protected and ready for the next step. First after cleansing. It does leave skin plumper and ready for the next step.

Price & Availability

$29.50/£25.00 at Dermstore, Escentual, Feel Unique and Ulta

Do You Need It?

If you’re looking for a hydrating serum, this is a great option to consider.


Dupes & Alternatives


Aqua, PEG/PPG/Polybutylene Glycol-8/5/3 Glycerin, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Methyl Gluceth-20, Carbomer, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Citric Acid, Biosaccharide Gum-1. Code F.I.L. : D201455/1