• best sunscreens with high spf

    What Are The Best High SPF Sunscreens?

    What are the best high SPF sunscreens? And should you even use one? Rumour on the street has it, high SPF sunscreens give you a false sense of security. You think you’re better protected, so you don’t bother touching it up… or applying enough in the first place. Imo, that’s true of ANY sunscreen. This […]


  • vichy liftactive vitamin c skin brightening corrector

    Why Good Vitamin C Comes In Small Bottles

    Can you ever finish a bottle of pure Vitamin C? It’s a rush against time. You use it religiously every single day but you’ve barely gone through half the bottle when you see it. The slightest brownish tinge. It’s already started. Your precious Vitamin C is going bad. You double your efforts to finish it but […]


  • vichy slow age fluid moisturizer

    Can Vichy Slow Age Fluid Moisturiser Fight Environmental Damage?

    Ever wondered who you have to thank for those pesky wrinkles? It’s all the Exposome’s fault. Huh? Exposome is a fancy name for environmental factors. You know, pollution, sun exposure, stress… the usual culprits. You fight it with antioxidants. Sunscreen. Probiotics, even. At least, that’s Vichy Slow Age Fluid Moisturiser does it. Here’s everything you […]


  • vichy idealia skin sleep

    The Cream That Helps Me Fake A Good Night’s Sleep

    Oh man, I could SO do with some sleep right now. Between moving house (again!), work, and family finally visiting, the last couple of weeks have been totally non-stop. I hardly slept a wink, often working into the wee hours of the morning to get everything done in time. I somehow made it through each […]


  • vichy liftactiv supreme day cream

    Is Rhamnose The Secret To Firmer Skin?

    It’s a good think that I discovered ZO Skin Health Offects Sulfur Masque. It came in very handy when Vichy LiftActiv Supreme Day Cream for Normal to Combination Skin gave me one of the worst breakouts I have ever experienced. Just a few days after I started using it, my chin and jawline were dotted […]