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  • how to apply sunscreen

    How To Apply Sunscreen The Right Way

    I used to roll my eyes when someone tried to tell me how to apply sunscreen. Dude, how difficult can it be? Pour a small amount of cream on your hands, rub it all over your body, wait 20 minutes and go out in the sun. Job done. Except, I still got a sunburn every […]

  • cyberderm-sun-whip-sunscreens

    Chemical vs Physical Sunscreen: Which One Is Better?

    Chemical VS physical sunscreen: which team are you on? Yep, not all sunscreens are created equal. Some go on like a dream while others are as thick as toothpaste and leave a white mask on your face to boot. I used to think someone at the lab had screwed up if I got a gooey […]

  • ultrasun extreme SPF 50

    The Only Sunscreen I Use On Torrid Summer Days

    If someone had told me I’d need extreme sun protection in London, I’d have burst out laughing. This is the city of rain and smoke. If I didn’t know UV rays can get through clouds, I wouldn’t even bother with sunscreen most days… The first summer here, we were lucky to have a couple of […]

  • ecooking sunscreen SPF 30

    The Face & Body Sunscreen That Made Me Cry

    Ecooking Sunscreen SPF 30 and I got off to a rough start. It literally made me cry for 3 days in a row. Turns out, my under-eye area can’t stand it. But the rest of my body digs it. A LOT. Here’s why: Key Ingredients In Ecooking Sunscreen SPF 30 Chemical UV Filters For Broad […]