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  • octisalate

    Is Octisalate In Sunscreen Safe?

    Is Octisalate in sunscreen safe? This is a common UV filter no one talks about. It’s not praised to high heavens like zinc oxide. Vilified like Avobenzone. Or touted as a revolution like Mexoryl. It passes under the radar, until someone tells you that the old generation of chemical sunscreen is out to kill you. […]

  • beach day skincare routine

    Does Sunscreen In Hair Care Products Really Work?

    It’s officially a thing: haircare with SPF. It makes sense. UV rays don’t just damage skin. They damage hair too. When they hit your hair, these pesky UV rays strip away its colour, moisture and glow. After a few days in the sun, your soft, shiny mane turns into a dull head of hay! SPF […]

  • best lip balms with spf

    What Are The Best Lip Balms With SPF?

    You think finding a good sunscreen is hard? Try looking for a lip balm with SPF. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one or two in your fave beauty store come summer. Cos that’s when we all rememeber that, oops, we need SPF on the lips as well. *shakes head* To add insult to injury, not […]

  • how to apply sunscreen

    How To Apply Sunscreen The Right Way

    I used to roll my eyes when someone tried to tell me how to apply sunscreen. Dude, how difficult can it be? Pour a small amount of cream on your hands, rub it all over your body, wait 20 minutes and go out in the sun. Job done. Except, I still got a sunburn every […]

  • cyberderm-sun-whip-sunscreens

    Chemical vs Physical Sunscreen: Which One Is Better?

    Chemical VS physical sunscreen: which team are you on? Yep, not all sunscreens are created equal. Some go on like a dream while others are as thick as toothpaste and leave a white mask on your face to boot. I used to think someone at the lab had screwed up if I got a gooey […]