sun protection

  • coconut oil isn't a sunscreen

    Can I Use Coconut Oil As Sunscreen?

    I get it. Finding a good sunscreen is a pain in the butt. Everything seems to be too greasy, too white. or too expensive. And those synthetic UV filters! Do they really cause cancer?! It’s so tempting to stop the search and turn to good old coconut oil instead. Word on the street is that […]

  • tinosorb m

    Is Tinosorb M The Perfect UV Filter?

    I hate shopping for sunscreen. It’s the most important product in your skincare routine – and the harder to get right. Synthetic UV filters, like Avobenzone, have pleasant, lightweight textures… but are highly unstable, can cause irritations, and even gets absorbed by your skin (a no-no for pregnant women). Mineral UV filters, like Zinc Oxide, […]

  • sunscreen and vitamin d deficiency

    Vitamin D: How To Get Your Dose Without Skipping Sunscreen

    To wear sunscreen or not to wear sunscreen? This is the question. If you don’t wear it, you’ll end up with deep wrinkles and dark spots. You’ll look older before your time. You may even get cancer. If you do wear it, you may not be getting your vitamin D fix and that can mess […]

  • ways you're reducing the effectiveness of your sunscreen

    Are You Reducing The Effectiveness Of Your Sunscreen?

    So, you’ve finally found the perfect sunscreen, huh? It keeps you safe for hours in the sun. It’s super lightweight you can hardly believe it’s a sunscreen at all. Best of all, it doesn’t make you look like Caspar The Ghost. Girl, you’ve hit the jackpot. Don’t mess it up now with a poor application. […]

  • spray sunscreen doesn't provide adequate sun protection

    Why I Don’t Use Spray Sunscreen (& You Shouldn’t Either)

    Don’t you LOVE it when things are made easier for you? Like, having takeout dinner delivered right to your door. Getting prepaid return bags with your online order. Being able to pay for the bus with Apple Pay. You could argue that convenience is making us lazy. I don’t care. If it makes my life […]

  • what to look for when buying sunscreen

    6 Things To Look For When Buying Sunscreen

    If there’s one product you can’t randomly pick up off the shelf, it’s sunscreen. No matter how pretty the bottle is or how catchy the name, they’re no guarantee the mixture inside will keep you safe from UV harm. You need a sunscreen that works – in and out of the water. A sunscreen that […]