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  • sun protective clothing

    Do Clothes Provide Adequate Sun Protection?

    Hands up if you never apply sunscreen under your clothes. “What’s the point?,” I hear you ask. “The sun can’t get through your clothes, right?” Wrong. Those cute sundresses you’re living in during the summer months are no match for UV rays. They get right through them. But, not all clothes are created equal. Some […]


  • reapply sunscreen while wearing makeup

    How To Reapply Sunscreen While Wearing Makeup

    I know what you’re here for. You want me to tell you which sunscreen you can apply over a full face of makeup without messing anything up. Tough luck: that sunscreen doesn’t exist. Yet. Touching up your sunscreen means compromising on something: you either reapply your morning sunscreen and redo your makeup or you leave […]


  • bioderma cicabio spf 50

    Does Higher SPF Provide Better Sun Protection?

    Have you heard? The FDA wants to ban sunscreens with an SPF higher than 50+. WTH? They believe a high SPF creates a false sense of security. You believe it gives you better protection so you don’t apply as much or retouch it as often. It’s kinda true, isn’t it? Yet new studies show that […]


  • how to apply foundation over sunscreen

    Is Your Foundation Application Messing With Your Sunscreen?

    Is your foundation application messing up your sunscreen? I was guilty of this for years. I’d put on my sunscreen and then go in with foundation straight away, rubbing the colour evenly all over my skin until every little flaw disappeared. Little did I know that as I was blending in the colour, I was […]


  • cyberderm-simpy-whip-sun-whip-spf30

    How Much Sunscreen Should You Use?

    Did you know that most people use only half the amount of sunscreen needed to keep skin safe from UV harm? Sunscreen application is SO confusing. Like, everyone tells you to apply sunscreen liberally but what the heck does that even mean? A thick layer, half a teaspoon? It seems like no one knows. What […]


  • can you use your child's sunscreen

    Can You Use Your Child’s Sunscreen?

    Are you buying two bottles of sunscreen, one for you and one for your children? Stop. You’re just paying money twice for the SAME thing. “But, Gio,” I hear you ask, “children’s skin is way more delicate than mine. Surely, they need their own sunscreen?” Yes and no. It’s true that some UV filters aren’t […]