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  • treat a sunburn naturally

    3 Natural Sunburn Remedies That Really Work (And One That Doesn’t)

    Got a sunburn? You can turn to corticosteroids to reduce the inflammation. It’s what the doctor would recommend. It’s also pretty harsh. Isn’t there a gentler way to heal this thing fast? You’re in luck. Mother Nature has given us plenty of natural sunburn remedies – and they’re scientifically approved too! Here are three natural, […]


  • vaseline longer lashes

    Can Vaseline Really Make Eyelashes Grow Longer?

    Can vaseline makes your eyelashes grow longer? It’s a question I get a lot. It’s not hard to see why. Vaseline is super moisturising. Highly versatile. And dirt cheap. It was only a matter of time before women slathered it onto their lashes in an attempt to make them grow longer. It seems to work, […]


  • baking soda is not an exfoliant

    Why You Should NOT Use Baking Soda To Exfoliate Your Skin

    Have you ever used baking soda to exfoliate your face? Everyone on the internet’s recommending it. For starters, it’s natural, so how could it be bad? Plus, it’s so cheap. Why spend a fortune on acid exfoliants when this will do? Because it could destroy your skin. Turns out, baking soda ain’t as harmless as […]


  • toothpaste as an acne treatment

    Why You Shouldn’t Use Toothpaste To Get Rid Of Pimples

    Does toothpaste help pimples? It’s a legit question. When I was 15, I read in a magazine (hey, we didn’t have the internet back then!) that putting toothpaste on pimples would get rid of them. I know, it sounds crazy. But if you were a young and clueless teenager desperate to get the attention of […]