vaseline makes eyelashes grow faster

Can vaseline makes your eyelashes grow longer?

It’s a question I get a lot. It’s not hard to see why. Vaseline is super moisturising. Highly versatile. And dirt cheap.

It was only a matter of time before women slathered it onto their lashes in an attempt to make them grow longer. It seems to work, too.

Those who tried it swear their lashes have never looked this long and thick. Are they onto something?

Does Vaseline Help Grow Eyelashes?

Wouldn’t it be great if something as simple as vaseline could make your eyelashes grew longer and thicker?

Sadly, it can’t. I scoured the scientific literature for days, but could find no proof that vaseline makes eyelashes grow longer.

I guess it makes sense. If vaseline really worked, eyelash growth serums like Latisse would have been invented much sooner. Instead, we had to wait for the discovery of bimatoprost, a molecule that helps prolong the hair growth circle.

Thanks to bitamoprost, lashes don’t fall out as quickly as they naturally would, so they have the time to grow longer and thicker.

Vaseline doesn’t contain anything like that, so it can’t work as well. Bummer!

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Why Do People Think Vaseline Helps Your Lashes Grow Thicker And Stronger?

“Wait a minute, Gio,” I hear you say. “So what if you couldn’t find any scientific proof it works? The proof is in the eyelashes. If so many people swear vaseline works – and they’re seeing results – it must be true.”

Not so fast. Just because something looks longer and thicker, it doesn’t mean it is. Let me explain.

Here’s what we know for sure: vaseline is a wonderful moisturiser. It coats the eyelashes, creating a protective barrier that keeps moisture in.

When lashes are well moisturised, they don’t break as easily. So, they get to grow that little bit longer. But, they only grow as long as they naturally would if they didn’t fall off prematurely. You need something with bimatoprost to make them grow even longer than that.

Plus, the extra layer of Vaseline coating your lashes makes them look a little thicker, too.

So, there it is, the secret: moisture. That’s what makes your lashes appear longer when you use vaseline.

The Bottom Line

Vaseline may not make eyelashes grow longer, but it keeps them well moisturised and prevents them from breaking, which is the next best thing. So, if you want your lashes to appear longer, and don’t fancy splurging on Latisse, vaseline may be worth a try. Appear is the key word here.

Have you ever used vaseline to try and make your eyelashes look longer? Share your experience in the comments below.