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How do you use Jojoba oil for skin?

Jojoba oil is one of my fave oils for DIY beauty. The reason is simple: it’s almost identical to human sebum, our natural moisturiser.

Your skin instantly recognises it, so it won’t trigger an irritating reaction or leave your forehead oilier than a frying pan.

The best part? There’s nothing you can’t do with it. This versatile oil has moisturising, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that provide numerous benefits for skin and hair.

Here are a few ways you can use Jojoba oil in your beauty routine:

1. Jojoba Oil As A Face And Body Moisturiser

Did you know that jojoba oil is very similar to human sebum? That’s why it absorbs in seconds without leaving a greasy residue behind. Your skin recognises it and lets it do its job without fighting it.

Jojoba oil works because it’s loaded with fatty acids, like linoleic, oleic, and palmitic acids. These fatty acids are super moisturising: they create a protective barrier on the skin that slows down water loss to keep it softer and smoother for hours.

Plus, a stronger protective barrier is better able to defend skin from harsh weather, germs, and anything else that’s trying to harm it.

You can use jojoba oil by itself or add a few drops to your fave face and body lotions for extra moisture. By the way, it makes a great base for makeup.

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2. Jojoba Oil As A Makeup Remover

Like all oils, jojoba oil is an excellent makeup remover. It works thanks to the “like attracts like” principle. In plain English, the oil attaches to the oils on your skin and in your makeup, melting them away.

It’s super easy to use, too. Simply soak a cotton ball with jojoba oil and gently remove any makeup off your face. It’ll dissolve all traces of makeup completely and condition your lashes too!

The catch? Jojoba oil may leave a greasy residue on the skin. Remember to use a damp washcloth to remove the oil afterwards.

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3. Jojoba Oil As A Lip Balm

The skin of your lips is super thin. It basically has no protective barrier, so it’s the first thing that flakes in winter and that dries out in summer.

Enter jojoba oil. It creates a protective barrier on the skin that keeps moisture in and germs and bacteria out. It also protects lips from harsh weather.

Jojoba oil makes a great alternative to lip balm. It’s more moisturising, so it’ll last longer. You won’t have to reapply every couple of hours. Phew! Plus, it quickly heals dry and chapped lips, too.

4. Jojoba Oil As Hair Conditioner

First things first: Jojoba oil may penetrate skin, but it does NOT penetrate hair. So how can it work?

Easy: Jojoba oil coats every hair strand, leaving it softer, smoother and shinier. This coat also protects hair from environmental damage.

The catch? Jojoba oil can feel a little greasy, especially when you apply too much. That’s why I prefer to use it as a pre-shampoo treatment.

I like to slather it on a couple of hours before washing my hair. It gives my locks all the moisture they need. After a good wash, my hair’s so moisturised and shiny!

5. Jojoba Oil As A Split Ends Treatment

Once you get split ends, that’s it. You can’t stitch the hair back together. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about them.

Applying a few drops of jojoba oil to the ends of your hair before blowdrying helps protect your locks, making split ends less likely to happen in the first place.

Plus, coating the hair improves the look of split ends, making them look whole even though they aren’t.

6. Jojoba Oil As Cuticle Oil

Your cuticles need moisture, too. By now, you know how moisturising Jojoba oil is, so I won’t say anything more about it.

I’ll just share this: rubbing a few drops of jojoba oil every day to your cuticles will keep them soft and healthy. Go on, give it a go.

Do you know other uses for Jojoba Oil? Share them in the comments!