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    What Are The Best Kate Somerville Products?

    What are the best Kate Somerville skincare products? Hint: it’s not ExfoliKate. It works, but it’s too harsh and fragranced to make the cut here. So where you should invest your hard-earned cash, instead? Here are my top picks: Best For Dry Skin: Kate Somerville Kx Active Concentrates Ceramides + Omega Serum ($98.00/£84.00) Is your […]

  • niod multi-molecular hyaluronic complex

    Humectants: What are they?

    Humectant is one of those fancy words us science beauty bloggers like to throw around to prove we know our stuff. But everyone else is probably scratching their heads, wondering what the heck we’re talking about. Better explain myself, eh? Here’s what humectants are and why you should load your skincare routine with them: What […]

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    4 Skincare Uses For Olive Oil: How Does It Benefit Skin?

    Disclaimer: I’m Italian = biased. I was raised on olive oil. In Italy, it’s the only oil you use for cooking. You drizzle it on everything. Salads, bruschetta, pizza… Don’t even get me started on people who use canola oil or vegetable oil. Like, no. Please, get yourself a bottle of olive oil. It’ll change […]

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    Hyaluronic Acid Skincare Benefits: Do You Need It?

    Hyaluronic Acid is my skincare hero. Whenever my skin gets a little dry and flaky, I just have to put out an SOS and it comes to save the day. Within a few short days, my skin is back to its soft, plumpy self. Thanks, Hyaluronic Acid! His super power? A big moisture magnet. When […]