• review beuti pomegranate glow enzyme cleanser

    This Innovative Cleanser Will Make Your Skin Glow

    There’s a reason why I don’t review that many cleansers. They’re boring. All they do is cleanse skin. An important job for sure but hardly exciting. Beuti Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser Flash Mask is just different enough to pique my interest: It uses fermented pomegranate It has an unique gel/balm texture You can use it […]

  • cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for sensitive skin review

    Is Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser The Best Cleanser For Sensitive Skin?

    What are dermatologists thinking?! You know how they always recommend Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to their patients – even those with sensitive skin? Turns out, there’s stuff here that would make sensitive skin scream in pain! Are they just being irresponsible or do they know something we don’t? Let’s take a look at the ingredient […]

  • vichy purete thermale one step cleanser

    The One Step Cleanser Gentle Enough For Sensitive Skin

    Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser is a multitasker that acts as: Cleansing milk to melt away makeup Eye-makeup remover to get rid of stubborn makeup Toner to leave skin feeling toned (whatever that means…) I admit I don’t care for toners, but I’m always all over cleansers I can use both […]

  • simple refreshing facial wash review

    Is Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Really Kind To Skin?

    I like my cleansers simple. No fragrance. No colour. No fancy bells and whistles. Just gentle cleansing power that takes everything off sans the irritation. That’s just what Simple Refreshing Facial Wash promises. Heck, it proudly boats to be the kindest cleanser the brand has ever made. Does it live up to it? Key Ingredients […]