• cerave hydrating cleanser

    My Most Recommended Cleanser For Dry Skin

    Do you feel like giving up on cleansing in winter? No matter what you do, your skin ALWAYS feels so tight and dry after cleansing. Blame it on surfactants. They help oils and dirt mix with water so they can easily be rinsed off. But if your skin’s dry and sensitive, they’ll remove too much […]


  • ecooking micellar water

    Is Ecooking Micellar Water The Gentlest Micellar Water Ever?

    Ecooking Micellar Water is hands down the gentlest cleanser I’ve tried so far. But, is that a good thing? Don’t get me wrong. Harsh cleansers are a no-no. They disrupt the skin’s protective barrier, dry out your skin, and even cause breakouts. But if a cleanser is too gentle, can it really remove sunscreen and […]


  • jan marini bioglycolic cleanser

    How Well Does Glycolic Acid Work In A Cleanser?

    What are you to do when your derm’s at odds with you? Like, I don’t like wasting my money on exfoliating cleansers. Me loves some glycolic acid, but I want it to stay on my skin for hours. It works better that way. My derm wasn’t having it. “Your cosmeceutical moisturizer with glycolic acid is […]


  • nimue cleansing milk

    Is A Cosmeceutical Cleanser Better Than A Regular Cleanser?

    Is a cosmeceutical cleanser better than a regular cleanser? In theory, cosmeceuticals contain higher concentrations of active ingredients to give you better and faster results, but does that apply to cleansers, too? After all, they don’t really stay on the skin long enough to do much, apart from cleansing skin (obvs…). I’ve put Nimue Cleansing […]