• afterspa cleansing puffs 01

    Are These Cute Cleansing Puffs A Gentle Alternative To A Washcloth?

    Remember when cleansing skin meant using a foaming or milk cleanser and calling it a day? These days, that’s not enough anymore. Cleansing has been hijacked by Clarisonics, konjac sponges, washcloths and who knows what else. Because, why only cleanse skin when you can exfoliate it, too? Call me old-fashioned, but I like to keep […]


  • kotoha london skincare

    Kotoha Skincare: Where Japan Meets London

    Ever wondered why Japanese women have such beautiful, flawless skin? Shoyaku. That’s Japanese for “active medicinal herb.” Japanese women have always relied on traditional herbs, such as ginseng, camellia and green tea to moisturize their skin, brighten their complexion and fade off wrinkles. Now, Kotoha London has brought the wisdom of the Far East to […]