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    Retinyl Palmitate: Best Retinol Alternative For Sensitive Skin?

    Is retinyl palmitate a gentle and safe alternative to retinol for sensitive skin? Are you a woman who wants to use retinol but the littlest sprinkle turns your skin into a red, itchy, painful mess? Retinol is one of those antiaging divas sensitive skin can’t stand. Dare to put them in touch and it’ll repay […]

  • argireline botox in a jar

    Is Argireline Botox In A Bottle (What The Science Says)?

    Is Argireline Botox in a bottle? This popular peptides hooks you in with the promise of freezing your wrinkles, just like Botox does – but without the needle and the high price tag. Raise your hand if you’d love that to be true – I mean, who wouldn’t want to use a serum and watch […]

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    Can You Use Vitamin C And Retinol Together?

    “Can you use Vitamin C and retinol together?” It’s one of the questions that I get asked more often by the Beautiful with Brains community. Alone, Vitamin C and retinol are two anti-aging powerhouses that kick wrinkles and dark spots in the butt and give you a smoother, brighter complexion. If you’re serious about anti-aging, […]

  • crow's feet

    Crow’s Feet: How To Prevent And Treat Them

    How do you treat crow’s feet? It happens to everyone. One day your face is nice and smooth, the next you look in the mirror and… What the heck are those lines around your eyes?! Hello crow’s feet! Those annoying buggers are the first fine lines that start to appear on your face. Like, in […]

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    Retinoids Side Effects: How To Counteract The Peeling

    Can we talk about retinoids side effects? Especially if you want to jump on the retinoid bandwagon but are scared they’ll turn your skin into a flaky, peeling mess? I hear ya. You’ve heard that retinoids are the gold standard for antiaging. They reduce wrinkles. Shrink pores. Fade away dark spots. That’s all true. You […]

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    Treatment VS Prevention: What Really Works Against Wrinkles?

    Ever wondered, “What the heck really works against wrinkles? What are the best wrinkle treatments?” Pretty much every skincare product out there promises to make your fine lines and wrinkles disappear. And for a while, they seem to work. But… somehow, those pesky wrinkles always seem to find their way back! Is there no hope? […]