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    Are Copper Peptides Better Than Retinoids?

    Have you heard? Copper is the latest metal to make its way into your serums and moisturisers, in the form of copper peptides. Once again, The Ordinary made this active popular – and confused skincare fanatics who have no idea how to use them or what they even do. Using metals in skincare is nothing […]

  • Resveratrol For Skin: Benefits, Side Effects, And How To Use It

    Can I tell you a secret? I’ve never drunk alcohol in my life. I just never got into it. And yet, when my girlfriends down a glass of a wine on a night out, I’m wondering if I’m missing out on something. Not so much the taste (too strong for me) or the camaraderie (life’s […]

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    The Key Antioxidant Your Vitamin C Serum Must Contain

    Is Ferulic acid good for skin? Does your vitamin C serum has ferulic acid? Ferul… what?! I hear ya, ferulic acid isn’t as famous as other antioxidants.  But, it’s one of Vitamin C’s BFF (the other is Vitamin E). You REALLY need to use these three musketeers of skincare together. You know what BFFs are […]

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    Retinyl Palmitate: Best Retinol Alternative For Sensitive Skin?

    Is retinyl palmitate a gentle and safe alternative to retinol for sensitive skin? Are you a woman who wants to use retinol but the littlest sprinkle turns your skin into a red, itchy, painful mess? Retinol is one of those antiaging divas sensitive skin can’t stand. Dare to put them in touch and it’ll repay […]