Should you wear sunscreen in front of mirrors?

Remember when we talked about wearing sunscreen indoors?

UVA rays easily get through glass, so if you’re driving or just spending a lot of time near big windows (damn those modern offices!), you’re not safe from UV harm – unless you put that sunscreen on.

But what about mirrors? Let’s say your house or office is decorated with big, beautiful mirrors. Should you worry about them reflecting UV rays and all the damage that does to your skin?

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Do Mirrors Reflect UV Rays?

Yes, you should definitely worry about mirrors reflecting UVA rays. Mirrors are made of glass and so behave like glass. Obvs!

When UV rays hit a mirror, the mirror reflects most of the UVA light. This light then hits your skin, generating a cascade of free radicals that leads to wrinkles and dark spots.

UVA rays are tricky because you don’t see the damage straight away. It takes decades for UVA damage to show on the skin in the forms of wrinkles and dark spots. When it finally does, it catches you totally off-guard!

FYI, the back of mirrors can cause problems, too. While some companies coat the backs of their mirrors with silver, a lot of them still prefer to use aluminum. You guessed it, aluminum can reflect UVA light too.

Before we go any further, let me point out that mirrors are a concern only when you spend a lot of time in front of them. You know what I’m talking about. Some people are obsessed with mirrors and have them on every available surface.

If you have only a small mirror hung on the wall, don’t worry about it. With so many things to worry about in this world, don’t go about creating problems where there aren’t any!

How To Protect Your Skin In Front Of Mirrors

This is easy: wear sunscreen. I mean, you should always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen every day, anyway.

But if you’re thinking, “heck, I’m spending all the day indoors, I can skip sunscreen for once” and your house/office has big windows and mirrors, you’re in trouble.

Wrinkles are still going to get you. Wear your sunscreen.

Do you wear sunscreen when you are in a room full of mirrors? Share your thoughts in the comments below.