how to use purple concealer

In the past few months, we talked about pink, yellow and orange color corrective concealers. It’s now time to find out what purple concealers do.

As usual, to understand how this color can be used to hide imperfections on your face, we have to refer to the colour wheel.

If you’re read the previous posts, you’ll know that to counteract a color you need to use the one opposite it on the colour wheel and purple is just opposite of yellow.

What Are The Benefits Of Purple Concealer?

Unlike green or pink concealers, purple concealers only have one job – and they do it well.

Purple concealer counteracts and brightens sallow skin

If you have any sallow tones or yellow discoloration in your skin, then purple (in all its range of hues from lilac to mauve) concealers or primers, are your best friends. They help counteract and hide them, evening out the skin tone and giving it a healthy appearance. In addition, if you have olive-toned skin, then purple concealers will brighten up your skintone beautifully and naturally. Just apply a small amount when needed, set with powder and you’re good to go.

What Are The Best Purple Concealers?

  • CoverGirl TrueBlend Base Business Face Primer Pore Minimizing ($8.49): available at Target
  • Vichy Dermablend Colour Corrector Purple (Β£15.00): available at Escentual and Look Fantastic
  • Wet N Wild MegaCushion Color Corrector Lavender ($5.99): available at Target

Have you ever used purple concealers or primers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.