how to treat and prevent puffy eyes

Do you wake up with puffy eyes, too?

Every time I look in the mirror in the morning, there they are, staring back at me. Why the heck is this happening?! It’s like a curse, I tell you.

One I’m determined to break. Are you with me?

Great. Let’s start by finding what causes puffy eyes so we can finally get rid of them… and not a moment too soon!

Puffy Eyes Cause #1: Lymph Buildup

Lymph is a fluid that circulates through your body’s lymphatic system. On its journey, it picks up all kinds of unwanted stuff  (think bacteria and fats) and gets rid of it so it won’t cause infections or anything nasty.

Problem is, sometimes, this lymph gets stuck and starts to build up. Hello, puffiness!

Usually, gently massaging the eye area is enough to get the circulation going again. I pick up a bit of eye cream (because, why not go the extra mile and hydrate skin, too, while you’re at it?), and start from the outer corner, moving inwards.

This movement follows the natural direction of the lymph flow. Going in the opposite direction just doesn’t work!

P.S. You can use your face moisturiser for this step, too. It doesn’t need to be labelled “Eye” cream.

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Puffy Eyes Cause #2: Bad Sleeping Position

Are you blaming puffiness on lack of sleep? That plays a part – a very small one.

What really causes puffy eyes is the position you sleep in. Sleeping flat or on your belly cause lymph buildup. You know where that leads, right?

If you sleep on your belly, stop right now! Do you like to sleep on your back or tummy? Keep doing it. But get an extra pillow. Sleeping with your head up helps the lymph flow as it should.

Puffy Eyes Cause #3: Too Much Salt (And Alcohol)

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna tell you to give up salt. Can you imagine how bland food would taste without it? Just don’t go overboard. Too much salt makes your eyes all puffy.

P.S. Too much alcohol has the same effect. πŸ™

Use salt in moderation and drink as little alcohol as you can. I know, boring. But, it works.

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Puffy Eyes Cause #4: Allergies

If you’re prone to allergies, you know this all too well. They can make your eyes swell up like crazy (among so many other unpleasant things.)

Avoid the trigger, and see a doctor to get the appropriate meds, if needed.

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Puffy Eyes Cause #5: Genetics

Sometimes, your eyes are simply naturally puffy. Or, they become so as we age.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but, if your eyes are naturally puffy, there really isn’t anything you can do to make the puffiness disappear…

But you can make them look less puffy. Keep reading to find out how.

How To Make Puffy Eyes Look Less Puffy

Now you know the cause of your puffy eyes, you can now prevent them. Yay!

But, what if your eyes are already puffy? Here’s how to reduce the puffiness:

1. Tea Bags, Cucumbers, & Compresses

Turns out, our grannies knew a thing or two about getting rid of puffy eyes. Their trusted old remedies, like tea bags and cucumber slices, can really help reduce the puffiness fairly quickly.

FYI, there’s nothing special about cucumber & co. It’s their coolness that does the trick and reduces puffiness.

If you prefer a more modern version, buy some gel pads, keep them in the fridge, and apply them whenever you need them. It’s more expensive, but, it works, too.

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2. Thick Cat Eyes

This is a trick I’ve recently picked up from one of my fave bloggers, Karen of Makeup And Beauty Blog. When your eyes are puffy and you don’t have time to put anything on them to take down the swelling, draw a thick cat line on the upper lash line. This dramatic look helps draw attention away from the puffiness. Thanks, Karen!