shaving makes hair grow thicker myth

I’ve always shaved. It’s my fave hair removal method.

Waxing and epilatories are painful as hell, and I don’t do pain. Hair removal creams take forever to use and they always seem to leave some short stubs behind, anyway.

Shaving gets the job done well, quickly, and painlessly. It doesn’t even make hair grow back thicker. I know a lot of people think it does, but, in all the years I’ve shaved (more than a decade now), that has never happened.

So, where did this myth originate? Let’s find out:

Shaving Makes Hair Grow Back Thicker: Truth Or Myth?

Have you ever looked at your hair? Ok, it’s a bit gross, I know. But, bear with me. When a hair comes out from the follicle, it has a fine and tapered tip.

When you shave it, you’re cutting the hair with a razor. That changes its shape. The fine, tapered tip is gone, and what’s left is its wider base. That’s why hair appears to grow back thicker. But, in reality, its thickness is exactly the same as it was before.

Oh, and it’s not coarser either. I mean, if you touch the freshly cut hair, yeah, the base is gonna feel a bit coarse. That’s because it’s not really short. Let it grow again, and you’ll see, it’ll soon be as soft as it was before.

But, of course, we shave again before hair has a chance to grow back, so we never see it get back to normal.

Has this myth ever stopped you from shaving? Let me know in the comments below.