Fave Five: The Best Of Tata Harper

by Gio
the best Tata Harper products

“Gio, can you recommend some natural products to treat dryness/pimples/whatever?”

This is the question I get more often.

It’s a tricky one for me because I rate products based on their effectiveness of their ingredients, not their origin. The sad truth is that most of the actives that really work are harsh chemicals that will kill you.

Just kidding!

Most of the actives that really work ARE chemicals, but they’re gentle and safe. They’ll make your skin look awesome, yet you don’t want to use them because they were made in a lab. 🙁

You want plants. But plants have their own self-defence mechanisms: they use their own toxins to keep predators away so they won’t be eaten. And those toxins end up in your lotions and potions together with all the antioxidants, vitamins and all the other goodies the plant contains.

That’s why it’s SO difficult to make a good natural product. Case in point: Tata Harper. Tata built a skincare empire harnessing the goodness of natural plants, yet 99% of her products are laden with known irritants, like lavender and sandalwood. They make your lotions smell nice, but have NO benefits for your skin. If it’s sensitive, they may even irritate it.

If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn’t go anywhere near Tata Harper. If you don’t have sensitive skin, I’ll grant your wish and tell you what, in my humble opinion, are the best Tata Harper skincare products (you know, the ones that contain the good kind of plants):

Nourishing Oil Cleanser ($72.00)

I love cleansing oils: they remove all traces of dirt, grime and makeup WITHOUT compromising your skin’s barrier and drying out your skin. Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser uses a blend of gentle oils (including sunflower, apricot and jojoba) mixed with Shea butter esters to do the job. I know, I know, the price is outrageous, but if you can stomach it, you’ll love how quickly it takes everything off.

Available at: Cult Beauty, Net-A-Porter and Nordstrom

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Retinoid Nutrient Face Oil ($125.00)

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of retinol (and all forms of vitamin A for that matter). This little superstar fights wrinkles in three ways: it boosts collagen production, destroys free radicals and speeds up the skin’s natural exfoliating process. If you want to get your fix from a natural product, you need rosehip oil. It’s the key ingredient in Tata Harper Retinoid Nutrient Face Oil (here, it’s derived from rosa rubiginosa seed oil). Plus, the oil is also loaded with moisturising oils, like olive and jojoba, to keep your skin soft and smooth.

Available at: Neiman Marcus

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Beautifying Face Oil ($68.00)

Starting to see a theme here? If you want to go down the natural route, there’s no escaping oils. Yes, natural skincare is more dry skin friendly and Tata Harper Beautifying Face Oil is the perfect example. It’s loaded with a bunch of supermoisturizing oils, including jojoba, argan and olive, that seal moisture deep into the skin. The base is made with squalane, a long unsung hero that’s just starting to get the recognition it deserves. Squalane helps you repair your broken skin’s protective barrier and lock moisture into the skin. It’s a godsend for dry, dehydrated skin!

Available at: Cult Beauty and Nordstrom

Boosting Contouring Eye Mask ($110.00)

I wish this were fragrance-free. Perfume around the eyes always has the potential to be problematic. But if your skin can take it, the rest of the formula’s good. Tata Harper Boosting Contouring Eye Mask has a bunch of natural oils to moisturize skin, rosehip oil and green tea to prevent wrinkles and aloe vera and cucumber to soothe skin. But it can’t do anything for dark circles.

Available at: Cult Beauty

Redefining Body Balm ($120.00)

My dry skin loves everything with Shea butter, so it’s no surprising Tata Harper Redefining Body Balm made it into the list. It’s also loaded with rosehip oil, green tea and other antioxidants – because your body doesn’t deserve wrinkles either. In this case, I don’t even mind the heavy fragrance. I love my body care to smell heavenly. My face care? It shouldn’t smell at all, if you ask me!

Available at: Nordstrom and SpaceNK


What are your fave Tata Harper products? Share yours in the comments below.

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Alan April 5, 2018 - 5:51 pm

Great review Gio ! The Tata Harper Retinoic oil is my favorite !! remember I post on your blog last year when I tried retinol for the first time my face was broke out like crazy, then I stopped using anything with retinol…. a year later I decided to try Tata Harper’s Retonic oil and surprisingly it agrees with my skin perfectly! Now I can enjoy the benefits of retinol and not have to worry about it irritating my skin and cause major breakout ! so happy ! I’ve also read some articles saying that there are two different rose hip oil, and only the one “rosa rubiginosa seed oil” that Tata Harper and the Vintner’s daughter’s face oil use this type for their face oil that has retinoid in it. love it !

Gio April 14, 2018 - 11:35 am

Alan, thanks! Glad you’ve managed to find a way to get your retinoid fix without upsetting your skin. Natural retinol is gentler but still powerful.


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