What Are The Best Olay Products?

by Gio

the 5 best skincare products

Seriously, is there a more underrated skincare brand than Olay?

While everyone is fussing over Nivea (which hasn’t updated its formulas in ages, by the way), Olay is relegated in the back-seat, left to wonder what the heck it must do to be more popular.

It’s not like it’s not trying:

  1. It was one of the first drugstore brands to use niacinamide, a multitasker that fights wrinkles/dryness/acne/dark spots.
  2. It makes good glycolic acid exfoliants – as opposed to crappy scrubs all the other drugstore brands have – that don’t break the bank.
  3. It puts more than only lovely antioxidant in their products – because the more you use, the more free radicals you destroy.

If you’re on a budget and craving flawless skin, Olay is the drugstore friend to turn to. But, which products should you try first? Here are the best Olay products:

Quench Ultra Moisture Shea Butter Body Lotion ($5.29)

If there’s one product I don’t like to spend a small fortune one, it’s body lotion. Olay Quench Ultra Moisture Shea Butter Body Lotion is an affordable option that works even for Sahara dry skin (trust me, my skin IS that dry). The blend of niacinamide, petrolatum and shea butter creates a barrier on the skin that keeps moisture it and protects it from the elements, making sure it stays soft and supple for hours. This isn’t something you need to reapply all that time. The only “con”? It has a slight shiny finish. I don’t mind it, but I thought I’d mention it in case you do.

Available at: Walmart

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Pro-X Deep Wrinkle Treatment ($28.49)

Got acne? Olay Pro-X Deep Wrinkle Treatment is worth checking out. The jury is still out there on whether retinyl propionate, a form of vitamin A gentler than retinol, is effective against wrinkles. But, studies have shown it definitely helps with acne. So does niacinamide. Plus, this form of vitamin B3 helps fight wrinkles and dryness. Add a pinch of antioxidants to prevent aging and a dollop of dimethicone to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and you have a lovely anti-aging formula for breakout prone-skin.

Available at: Walmart

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Pro-X Even Skin Tone Spot Fading Cream ($29.80)

Dark spots are the worst. Olay Pro-X Even Skin Tone Spot Fading Cream fights them on two fronts. For starters, it uses  undecylenoyl phenylalanine, an ingredient developed by Olay to lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Plus, it has a huge dollop of niacinamide, a skin-lightener that goes the extra mile. Niacinamide fades away dark spots, hydrates and soothes skin, fights wrinkles, and helps treat acne. The lightweight formula is fragrance-free, making it an excellent option for all skin types, including sensitive.

Available at: Walmart

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Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum Fragrance-Free ($28.99)

Let’s get one thing straight: Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum can’t sculpt skin. No topical product can. But it’s still a great option to fight premature aging. For starters, it has niacinamide – you know by now what this skincare superstar can do. It hydrates skin, fights wrinkles, treats acne, fades away dark spots… you name it, it does it. Then, there’s sodium hyaluronate, a humectant that can attract, and bind, to the skin up to 1000 times its weight in water. To finish off, a sprinkle of antioxidants and peptides to help fight off wrinkles. If you can find it, go with the fragrance-free version. It’s suitable for sensitive skin too.

Available at: Ulta and Walmart

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Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging UV Moisturizer Plus SPF 15 Fragrance Free ($22.99)

FYI, don’t rely on Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging UV Moisturiser Plus SPF 15 for sun protection. You’d have to apply too many layers to get the level of SPF stated on the bottle – and even that is enough for winter only. In summer, you’d need to up the SPF anyway. So how did it make the cut? Simple. This moisturiser is a great option for day time: it keeps skin soft and smooth for hours, makes a good base for makeup and has its fair share of antioxidants to keep premature wrinkles at bay. The fragrance-free version is suitable for sensitive skin, too.

Available at: Ulta and Walmart

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Shop The Best Olay Products

What do you think are the best Olay products? Share your picks in the comments below.

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MonicaP February 19, 2016 - 1:54 am

Love this post! I think Olay has a nice range of products, but there are so many that it’s hard to tell which ones are actually good.

I recently purchased the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream with Sunscreen, SPF 30 and really like this product. It absorbs nicely into my skin and works well under foundation.

I’ll check out your “best of” next time I’m at the drug store 🙂


Gio February 19, 2016 - 9:15 am

Monica, it’s a wonderful line, isn’t it? Too bad it has such a boring reputation.

That’s a wonderful moisturizer, as well. Really, there are so many great products, it’s hard to choose!

Let me know what you think when you do. 🙂

Renee ; Blog for beauty February 19, 2016 - 7:45 am

This is awesome, Gio! I never looked at Olay or tried any of their products because it seemed so… I don’t know, mature? I’m on the lookout for an inexpensive night cream, and will take a look at Olay 🙂 That Regenerist Serum looks really good!

Gio February 19, 2016 - 9:20 am

Renee, it has that kind of reputation, hasn’t it? It’s a shame it’s preventing so many women from trying their products, cos this is really one of the best skincare brands you’ll find at the drugstore. I recommend the Total Effects line. It’s cheap, but it works.

Clare February 26, 2016 - 9:58 am

This is so great! Thank you. Olay has so many products it can get confusing, I’m also forever grateful for their research into niacinamide haha!

Gio February 26, 2016 - 9:00 pm

Clare, glad you find it userful. Me too, such an amazing ingredient. Too bad it’s so little known.

H March 5, 2016 - 4:49 am

I’ve heard some good drugstore moisturizers are from Cetiphil, Aveeno and Burts Bees. I’m eyeing this one: http://www.amazon.com/Burts-Bees-Sensitive-Moisturizing-1-8-Ounce/dp/B004VMGTY4/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1457153340&sr=8-1&keywords=burts+bees+cotton+extract

Gio March 5, 2016 - 9:09 pm

H, that one’s good. It’s very moisturizing, and some of the natural extracts have antioxidant properties, which is always a plus.

Judith Kerr October 24, 2016 - 12:38 am

What about Olay 3 point serum? Is it sold in the US?

Gio November 19, 2016 - 2:44 pm

Judith. honestly I don’t know. I’m based in the UK.

Tricia Singh February 2, 2018 - 9:35 pm

my mother and grandmother used this brand. It has been around for ages. My mother did not develop crow’s feet until she was 70. I use the product and close to 50 years old and I get mistaken for my 30s because of my skin. I have tried other more expensive brands from department stores but in the end I always return to Olay.

Gio February 10, 2018 - 4:54 pm

Tricia, so glad this has worked so well for most of you. Definitely one of the best brands at the drugstore.

Olivia May 7, 2018 - 1:23 am

Tricia, I too have been using this product since my mom bought it for me as a teen. I’ve tried several expensive lines & I always come back to oil if olay. I find the Regenerist line works best for me. So greatful forvthis write up Gio! I’ll try the ProX line too. I too am almost 50 & get mistaken for 30’s. Thanks to oil of Olay. Now if I can only get my body to look 30 again ?

Rachel Rivard May 9, 2019 - 10:59 am

My grandmother and mother used this cream and that’s what I’ve used for over 30 years. I use their 7in 1 Effects cream daily in winter but find it a bit too rich in summer. Thank you for recognizing an “old school” brand like Olay. It wouldn’t still be around if it didn’t work so well. Ahead of their time I guess…

Gio June 4, 2019 - 9:03 pm

Rachel, I agree. It’s one of the best brands at the drugstore. I don’t understand why it doesn’t get more love…


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