How long does it take for sun damage to appear?

Hands up if you didn’t realise how bad NOT wearing sunscreen was until those first wrinkles started to pop up 15+ years later?

I know that’s true for me. You’d think that growing up in sunny Italy made me sun savvy. Think again.

Back then, no one knew sunscreen was a daily thing. My mum slathered it all over me before we left for the beach. But when playing in our backyard?

Not a drop..

When I finally started wearing sunscreen every single day – yes, even in winter – everyone thought I was a freak. Who the heck wears sunscreen when the sun is hidden behind clouds?

Someone who’s serious about anti-aging – that’s who.

You see, sun damage is underrated because you don’t see it. You don’t realise the damage those pesky UV rays are doing to your skin until years later – when it’s often too late to do much about it.

Compare that with a sunburn. You can see straight away if your skin is getting all red. When you do, you get out of the sun pronto.

If only sun damage were the same, you wouldn’t start getting wrinkles in your mid-20s. So, when does that sun damage start to appear?

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How Long Does It Take For Sun Damage To Show Up?

A loooooooooong time. Like, we’re talking decades here.

According to Dr Schultz, “sun damage from unprotected sun exposure only takes one to two decades to show up, so beginning in anyone’s 20s and early 30s you can start to see the effects of unprotected sun exposure from childhood”!

I learned that the hard way. My parents didn’t make me wear sunscreen as a kid, remember? Back then, I didn’t care about wrinkles – isn’t that something that happens to OLD people?

I was in my mid-20s when I started getting crow’s feet. I was shocked. Where the hell did they come from?! From all those years of unprotected sun exposure, that’s where!

I can’t turn back time but I can be smarter going forward. Now I wear sunscreen every single day. And my friends who thought I was a freak? They look way older than me now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you’re serious about anti-aging, do the same. No matter where you live or how young you are, wear sunscreen to keep those wrinkles off your face for long. Why get older before your time?

Have the effects of sun damage already started to show up on your skin? Let me know in the comments below.