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    Titanium Dioxide: Is It Safe?

    Ever wondered why your face turns a ghostly white in photos? Meet the culprit: titanium dioxide. Wait! Don’t throw tomatoes at it, yet. I’m introducing you two because titanium dioxide is pretty awesome. Yes, it’s a joker who likes to play a few tricks on your sometimes, but it’s in your skincare products for a […]


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    Is Octocrylene In Sunscreens Dangerous?

    And the trial of chemical UV filter continues… Last week Octinoxate was on the witness’ stand. Now, it’s the turn of Octocrylene. This UV filter is accused of causing allergies, premature aging, and destroying your health. Is all this true or have the rumours got out of hand once again? Let’s examine the evidence: Octocrylene: […]


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    Is Oxybenzone In Sunscreen Safe?

    Oxybenzone is probably the most controversial UV filter ever. It’s been accused of: Penetrating skin Being an endocrine disruptor Killing coral reef Causing allergic reactions Unlike most maligned skincare ingredients, Oxybenzone is guilty of almost every charge. Should you avoid it? What Is Oxybenzone? Oxybenzone also goes by the name Benzophenone-3. It’s a sunscreen agent […]


  • What Are The Best Sunscreens With Mexoryl?

    I’m a zinc oxide fan girl. If a sunscreen doesn’t have it, I won’t even look at it twice. But, I get it. Not all of you want to put up with its greasy feel and whitish cast. But, what’s the alternative? Titanium dioxide’s just as bad (I mean good, I mean bad, I mean… […]