• some by mi aha BHA PHA 30 days miracle toner

    Can This Miracle Toner Really Transform Your Skin In 30 Days?

    Have you been to the Skin Library? It’s an UK-based online shop that curates the best Korean skincare has to offer to help you glow and go. Before you ask, yes, they ship worldwide. I can’t deny it. Skin Library had me at the name. I spend hours in libraries looking for my next read […]

  • kotoha london skincare

    Kotoha Skincare: Where Japan Meets London

    Ever wondered why Japanese women have such beautiful, flawless skin? Shoyaku. That’s Japanese for “active medicinal herb.” Japanese women have always relied on traditional herbs, such as ginseng, camellia and green tea to moisturize their skin, brighten their complexion and fade off wrinkles. Now, Kotoha London has brought the wisdom of the Far East to […]

  • simone-france-01

    I’ve Tried The Sandwich Cleansing Routine. This Is What Happened

    What’s the secret to beautiful skin? A. Snail slime B. Kale C. Cleansing Yeah, Korean skincare is awesome and you need to eat your kale, but… C is the winner! Congrats for guessing right, you smart beauty! Just think of all the crap that lands on your face during the day. Pollution. Dirt. Oil. Makeup […]