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    The Best Lactic Acid Exfoliants [2024]

    What are the best lactic acid exfoliants? Lactic acid is sort of the forgotten exfoliating acid. While everyone is obsessed with glycolic or salicylic acid for their abilities to fade away dark spots and treat acne, poor lactic acid is left on the sidelines. Like the player who never gets picked. Unless there’s an emergency. […]

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    What Are The Best Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Products? [2023]

    What are the best pregnancy-safe skincare products? Pregnancy can give you that beautiful radiant glow. Or it can play tricks on your skin that leave it blotched with acne, melasma or heightened sensitivity (as if morning sickness weren’t enough). The worst part? Your old trusted staples won’t do. Retinol, Benzoyl peroxide and everything else you […]

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    What Are The Best The Inkey List Products?

    What are the best The Inkey List products? This super affordable brand made its debut in the skincare world with the intention of taking over The Ordinary… and if you asked me, they got a bit too much inspiration from their main rival brand. With their simple black and white packaging, one active per product […]