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    What Are The Best Skinceuticals Skincare Products?

    What are the best Skinceuticals products? I have a soft spot for Skinceuticals. They were the first to put a proper Vitamin C serum on the map and have a solid reputation for creating science-backed products that do what they say on the tin. But it’s bloody expensive. If you’re willing to splurge, you’d better […]


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    The Best Sun Spots Treatments For Clearer, Brighter Skin

    What are the best treatments for sun spots? The one that works best for you. I know it’s a crappy answer – but it’s honest, too. There’s a reason why there are a dozen skin-lightening ingredients out there – and more are being discovered every year. Sun spots are tricky to treat. Azelaic acid may […]


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    Can I use AHAs/BHA and Retinoids Together?

    Can you use retinoids (like retinol) with AHAs/BHA exfoliants? The gossip on the grapevine changes every week. Some of us have heard rumours they can’t stand each other. Put them in the same room, they’ll neutralise each other and lose all their antiaging powers. But there are a few single voices who claim the feud’s […]


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    Is Ellagic Acid The New Alternative To Hydroquinone?

    Have you heard? There’s a new skin-lightener on the block. It’s called ellagic acid. Rumour has it, it’s as effective as hydroquinone sans the irritation. And it doubles up as an antioxidant, too! Is it too good to be true? Here’s what the science says: What The Heck Is Ellagic Acid? Ellagic acid is a […]