• the ordinary resveratol and ferulic acid 01

    Does Your Vitamin C Serum Lack Ferulic Acid? Supplement It With This

    Does your Vitamin C serum lack ferulic acid? If so, my smart friend, you’re doing your skin a disservice. It’s no secret that Vitamin C + Vitamin Em + Ferulic Acid is the most powerful combination in the skincare world. And yet, very few brands use all 3 in one skincare product! But if you […]

  • Paula's Choice Omega+ Complex Serum

    My Best Kept Skincare Secret: Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Serum

    The best skincare products are best kept’s secrets. Take Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Serum. While everyone’s raving about the brand Vitamin C and retinol boosters, this unassuming little serum creates a flawless, suppler canvas that gives you that radiant, younger-looking glow. Think of it as the foundation on which to build the rest of your […]

  • purito centella unscented serum

    Is Purito Centella Unscented Serum The Best Serum For Damaged, Sensitive Skin?

    Purito Centella Green Level Calming Toner isn’t the only Purito product to have undergone a makeover. The star product of the line, Purito Centella Unscented Serum had one too. It still contains a whooping 49% Centella Asiatica, one of highest concentrations of this soothing plant you’ll see in skincare products. But out are the essential […]