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    The Best Rosacea Skincare Products For Every Step Of Your Routine [2023]

    What are the best skincare products for rosacea? Skincare shopping is stressful when your skin behaves… But when everything you put on your skin flares up the redness and brings out acne-like bumps everywhere, stress goes through the roof. You’re tempted not to use anything and hope the flare-up will disappear on its own… But […]

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    How To Treat A Sunburn

    How do you treat a sunburn fast? The best thing would be not to get one at all, but that doesn’t always work out. I learned the lesson the hard way… “Gio, stay in the shade. And don’t take off your hat again!,” my mum said, as she put the damn thing on my head […]

  • The Truth About Probiotics In Skincare: Do They Really Work?

    Remember the good old days when you were running away from bacteria as fast as your little legs would carry you, lest they kill you off? Now you’re all rushing to eat them up, gobble them down, slather them on your skin… My, how times have changed! There’s no doubt probiotics are the future of […]

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    Can I Use AHAs/BHA And Retinol Together?

    Can you use AHAs/BHA and retinol together in the same routine on the same night? They’re all powerful ingredients that help improve the texture of your skin and take a few years off your face. But, like all powerful ingredients, the payoff of using them together could be offset by dryness and irritations. Critics claims […]