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    This Is What I Use To Get Rid Of Pimples In Two Days

    You’d think now my skin is on the drier side, pimples would be only a bad, distant memory. Not such luck, my friends. I don’t get them as often as before, it’s true, but the occasional pimple rears its ugly head, especially during that time of the month (oh, the joys of being a woman). […]


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    What Are The Best Ingredients For Oily Skin?

    “I’ve tried everything to keep my oily skin under control, but nothing works. Help!” Sometimes, dealing with oily skin seems like a hopeless battle. No matter what you try, your face keeps shining brighter than a frying pan, your pores refuse to shrink and those pimples won’t budge from your face. Argh! It’s not your […]


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    Can I Skip Moisturizer And Use Serum Alone?

    I’m a minimalist. When it comes to skincare, I truly think that less is more. Like, why pay twice for the same moisturizer just because one jar is labelled “face” and the other “eye”? Insane. I thought serums were like that. Super lightweight moisturizers. Why bother? Then, I gave them a go and was blown […]


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    3 Things You Need To Know About Comedogenicity Ratings

    There’s danger lurking in every skincare bottle. Hidden deep beneath glossy marketing claims and polished labels lurk an untold number of comedogenic ingredients that threaten to turn your carefully cared face into acne battleground. Or at least if you listen to any of numerous comedogenicity experts out there. As with many other things, commonly accepted […]


  • toothpaste as an acne treatment

    Why You Shouldn’t Use Toothpaste To Get Rid Of Pimples

    Does toothpaste help pimples? It’s a legit question. When I was 15, I read in a magazine (hey, we didn’t have the internet back then!) that putting toothpaste on pimples would get rid of them. I know, it sounds crazy. But if you were a young and clueless teenager desperate to get the attention of […]