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  • dry winter skin

    How To Treat Dry Winter Skin While Avoiding Breakouts

    It happens every year. As the temperatures plunge down and freezing winds hit your face, your skin turns into a dry and flaky mess. Ugh. You throw an arsenal of facial oils, balms and rich creams at it to try and fix it, but now your skin’s breaking out like crazy, too. Double ugh. Isn’t […]


  • acid mantle

    Acid Mantle: What It Is And How To Repair It

    “My skin is ALWAYS dry and flaky, no matter what I do.” “I’m afraid of trying new skincare products. My skin’s so sensitive, it can’t tolerate ANYTHING!” “Every time I wash my face, my skin feels so tight and dry.” Sounds familiar? That’s your acid mantle screaming for help. What The Heck Is The Acid […]


  • beach day skincare routine

    The Best Beach Skincare Routine For Your Summer Holidays

    What’s your beach skincare game like? Mine ain’t that different from my everyday skincare routine. I can’t stand to have 10 layers on my face on any given day, let alone when I’m roasting under the sun for hours. Just. No. My beach skincare philosophy is KISS (keep it simple, stupid): the morning’s all about […]


  • the best antiaging routine for dry and aging skin

    The Best Skincare Routine For Dry And Aging Skin

    How the heck do you deal with wrinkles when your skin’s as dry as the Sahara?! Dry skin is delicate. Its protective barrier is broken all over the place. You need to build it back and treat your skin with kid’s gloves while it heals. Wrinkles are stubborn. You need to kick them in the […]


  • best la roche posay products

    Fave Five: The Best Of La Roche Posay

    The older I get and the drier my skin becomes, the more I appreciate French skincare. In the past, I complained about their lack of antioxidants or their insistence on using just one active per product. Now I get it. Sometimes, basic is just what skin needs. No frills. No fragrance. Just moisturising products that […]