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  • hydrafacial review 02

    HydraFacial: Is It Really Worth The Hype?

    I rarely go back to Hackeny these days. I used to live around there when I first moved to London. But now I’ve moved West, it takes me about an hour to get there – with tube! I need a very good reason to venture that far. Now I have it: Skin & Sanctuary. It’s […]


  • eudelo clinic

    I’ve Had A Retinol Peel: Here’s What Happened

    This time, I’m shaking things up. Instead of asking for my usual glycolic acid peel, I went for the new NeoStrata ProSystem Retinol Peel. It’s the newest treatment offered at Eudelo and a must for all fans of retinol. Because, if the 0.25% retinol in your serums works wonders already, can you imagine what a professional […]


  • vitamin c peel review

    I Got A Vitamin C Peel. This Is What Happened

    I didn’t remember it burning that much. She had warned me this would happen. But, I didn’t believe her. I had had vitamin C peels before. They didn’t sting this much. Heck, they had never stung before. At all. My skin is super resilient, I proudly told her before this hell began. This time was […]


  • the rainbow facelift

    The Rainbow Facelift

    Facelifts scare the heck out of me. If you’re gonna come at my face with a needle or a knife, I’ll start running in the opposite direction as quickly as my short legs can carry me. I want to age gracefully as much as anybody else, but there’s a limit to what I’ll do to […]