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  • chemical peel after care

    How To Take Care Of Your Skin After A Chemical Peel

    Thinking about getting a chemical peel? I’m a huge fan. Chemical peels are the quickest way to get a glowier complexion and erase the pesky wrinkles and dark spots that give your real age away. But they’re not without side effects. A chemical peel – even when done right – can leave your skin irritated, […]

  • is vitamin C safe for sensitive skin

    Micro-Needling: Does It Help Or Hurt The Skin?

    Things I don’t understand: Why Britain still uses separate cold and water faucets Why Beyonce lost Album Of The Year to Adele Why people poke their faces with needles in the name of beauty It’s called micro-needling and it’s done with a torture device with lots and lots of needles. It’s the kind of thing […]

  • ziip beauty nano current device review 03

    Is Ziip Beauty Nano Current Device Worth The $500 Price Tag?

    Dude, if you want me to fork out $500 for your skincare device, the least you can do is tell me EXACTLY how it works!! Can you tell I’m frustrated? I’ve just spent the last couple of hours trying to find out what ZIIP beauty is and what it does. The website tells you almost […]

  • light therapy for skin

    Light Therapy For Skin: What Is It And Does It Work?

    Who said that all light is bad for skin? Sure, you won’t find me sunbathing at the beach on a sizzling hot summer day. That’s a recipe for wrinkles, wrinkles, and more wrinkles. Oh, and cancer, too. But I do enjoy the odd LED light treatment every now and then. Or I did, before Covid-19 […]

  • before a facial advice

    Thinking Of Going For A Facial? Read This First

    Thinking of going for a facial, but have no idea what to get done? I hear ya. With all the new treatments available, navigating a spa menu can feel overwhelming. Should you go for your usual glycolic acid peel or try laser this time? And what’s this vitamin IV infusion that promises to give you […]