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  • benefit it's potent eye cream 02

    How Potent is Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream?

    “It’s potent!” Benefits shout, at the top of its lungs, in the middle of Sephora. But who is it trying to convince? Women desperate to fade their dark circles and wrinkles… or itself? I think it’s deluding itself (or just lying outright). Because, there’s nothing potent about Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream. On the contrary, […]

  • erborian-cc-eye-review

    Do You Need A CC Eye Cream?

    Fallen in love with Erborian CC Creme A La Centella Asiatica? I’m with you. This brightening CC Cream evens out the skin tone, blurs away fine lines and large pores and neutralises redness. It’s love at first swipe. But did you know it has a matching eye cream (or should I say CC eye cream)? […]

  • magicstripes wake me up collagen eye patches

    Can Eye Patches Wake Up Tired Eyes?

    You know me. I don’t believe in eye creams. But I do like to keep eye patches at hand. You know, for those mornings when you need to wake up early after a sleepless night – and don’t want to show it. I don’t have a fave pair of patches. I like to try new […]

  • dhc astaxanthin collagen all in one gel and beauty lift eye care essence roll on

    The One Where I Try Japanese Skincare

    Can we talk about Japanese skincare? I feel like lately, it’s all about Korea, Korea, Korea. But before SoKo got good at marketing, Japanese skincare was the talk of town. So what happened? Are they so confident in their products, they don’t feel the need to market them as heavily? Or was it all just […]