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  • lanolin skincare benefits

    Is Lanolin Good For Skin?

    Did you know that in Ancient Rome sheep farmers had softer and smoother hands than rich matrons? Hard to believe, but true. And it was all because of the sheep. These cute animals gave them lanolin, a substance so moisturizing the beauty industry jumped on it as soon as it learned about the legend. Seriously, […]


  • argan oil for skin

    Argan Oil For Skin: What Are The Benefits And Can It Clog Pores?

    A staple in Moroccan cuisine and skincare for centuries, Argan oil has recently taken the beauty world by storm. Word on the street is that it does it all: makes your skin softer than a baby’s, fights off premature wrinkles and regulates excess oil production – without giving you pimples. Is this the skincare miracle […]


  • bakel nutriremedy

    Is Bakel Nutri-Remedy 24H Comfort Cream The Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream?

    Bakel Nutri-Remedy 24H Comfort Cream claims to be the ultimate anti-aging cream. Spoiler alert: It isn’t. What it IS is a wonderful cream for dry skin that perennially feels tight. And that’s a lot already. Here’s why: What’s In Bakel Nutri-Remedy 24H Comfort Cream? HYALURONIC ACID TO HYDRATE SKIN I’m sure you’ve heard of Hyaluronic […]