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  • la roche posay cicaplast levres repairing balm

    Chapped Lips: The Best Ingredients To Look For In Lip Balms

    It’s already starting. The past couple of days have been unusually sunny and warm in London, so bae and I had grabbed the opportunity to enjoy the last few romantic walks in the park before the colder winter weather turns me into a hermit (did I mention I HATE the cold?). As we were making […]

  • retinol side effects

    Retinol Side Effects And How To Deal With Them

    “I’m scared of retinol side effects. I know retinol is the best wrinkle-fighter out there, but I don’t want to deal with redness and irritation. What should I do?” I hear ya. Irritation is no fun. But leaving retinol out of your skincare routine won’t do either. Mmm… What if I told you you could […]

  • best salicylic acid exfoliants

    What Are The Best Salicylic Acid Exfoliants?

    “I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get rid of blackheads and acne but nothing works. Help!” I get this a lot. Sephora is loaded with products that promise to get rid of blackheads, kick acne in the butt, and keep your oily skin under control. But 99% of them DON’T have what it takes to do the […]

  • best skincare products with copper peptides

    What Are The Best Products With Copper Peptides?

    I’m jumping on the copper peptides bandwagon. I admit I was hesitant at first. Research was scant and the prices outrageous. I’m not gonna shell out 100+ for something I’m not even sure works. But in the past year, resisting the temptation was harder and harder. For one, new studies are coming out proving that […]

  • how to layer acids in your skincare routine 01

    The Complete Guide To Layering Acids In Your Skincare Routine

    Error: skincare overload! Skincare overload! Remember when the mere thought of putting acids on your skin made you run in the opposite direction? Now you can’t get enough of them. Glycolic acid. Lactic acid. L-Ascorbic Acid. You’re using all of them and then you’re wondering why your skin’s all dry and flaky all of a […]