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    What Are The Best Exfoliants With Glycolic Acid?

    I know I sound like a broken record sometimes. But Glyolic Acid IS the best way to exfoliate dry skin.  Here’s the deal: most exfoliants are one trick ponies. They get those dead skin cells off your body and that’s it. Glycolic Acid goes TWO steps further: It exfoliates skin, fading dark spots and imperfections […]


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    What Are The Best Products To Treat A Sunburn?

    Got a sunburn? It happens to everyone. You just need to get your guard down with sunscreen for one hour and already your skin is turning an itchy shade of lobster red. Ouch! You’ll be more careful next time, I know. But, right now, get out of the sun and slather a soothing cream on […]


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    5 Best Eye-Makeup Removers

    Are you struggling to find the right eye makeup remover? If it’s too gentle, it won’t take off anything – unless you tug and pull for 10 minutes. If it’s too harsh, it stings up real bad. And if you go down the oil route, you get a blurred vision for a couple of minutes. […]


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    5 Best Organic Skincare Products For Flawless, Glowy Skin

    It’s official: I’ll never become an organic skincare fanatic. I’m a lazy pragmatist: I want skincare products that are both safe AND effective. If their ingredients are derived from plants or made in a lab, it’s 100% irrelevant. I have better things to do with my time than sifting through thousands of skincare products in […]


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    Fave Five: The Best Of Tata Harper

    “Gio, can you recommend some natural products to treat dryness/pimples/whatever?” This is the question I get more often. It’s a tricky one for me because I rate products based on the effectiveness of their ingredients, not their origin. The sad truth is that most of the actives that really work are harsh chemicals that will […]


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    What Are The Best Skincare Products With Niacinamide?

    And the winner for “Most Versatile Skincare Ingredient Is….. Niacinamide!” “Thank you, thank you,” Niacinamide says as it receives the award, “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Olay, which believed in me from the start and gave me my first gig. “I’d also like to thank Paula’s Choice, The Ordinary and all the […]