• teenager acne

    Teenager Acne: Why It Happens And How To Treat It

    Teen acne is a normal part of puberty. Like getting hairs in places you didn’t even know you had and making a fool of yourself in front of your crush. Fun times. But it feels like the last drop. On top of everything you’re dealing with right now, your skin looks like a mess. Your […]

  • tretinoin guide

    A Tretinoin Survival Guide

    I started my Curology prescription of tretinoin in late November 2019, and despite my best efforts to acclimate to 0.01% tretinoin, it’s been an uphill battle. Yes, 0.01% tretinoin. I know it’s not much–I SAID WHAT I SAID! But that’s the thing about skincare: it’s never one-size-fits all, and two people can react very differently […]

  • azelaic acid in skincare

    Is Azelaic Acid The Best Treatment For Acne, Rosacea, And Dark Spots?

    Why don’t more people know about Azelaic Acid?! This little gem has been dermatologists’ best-kept secret for decades. They’re using it to treat all kinds of skin problems, from stubborn dark spots to inflamed cystic acne and unpredictable rosacea. It’s one of those rare ingredients that does the job without irritating skin and leaving it […]

  • bad diy acne treatment

    4 DIY Anti-Acne Treatments That DON’T Work (And What To Use Instead)

    If you’re cursed with acne, you’ll go to any length to get rid of it. But desperation has never solved anything. It only makes you do crazy stuff like slathering Neosporin all over your face. The internet claims it works, right? The internet claims everything works. That’s how you end up with dried out, flaky […]