is sulfur the best acne treatment

Salicylic acid was my go-to for pimples for years. If you had told me one day I’d stray from it, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Then ZO Skin Health Oeffects Sulfur Masque came into my life. It changed EVERYTHING.

Salicylic acid does a lot to prevent pimples  but takes its sweet time to get rid of them once they’ve made an appearance. Sulfur kicks them off your face way faster.

But… Where’s the catch? Something can’t be THAT good and have no side effects, right? Well…

What’s Sulfur?

Sulfur is a natural mineral that plays an essential role in the health of connective tissues, skin, muscles, bones, teeth, and hair. It helps your cells make an efficient use of oxygen, gives strength to your hair, and is even part of your DNA. It’s quite the multitasker!

You can find sulfur in areas of high volcanic activity as well as many foods, including beans, meats, onions, eggs, fish, and garlic.

You know when sulfur’s around. It smells like rotten eggs. Eww!

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Sulfur Benefits: What Does It Do For Skin?

Sulfur has plenty of skincare benefits:

  • It has antibacterial properties, so it kills the bacteria that cause acne
  • It helps prevents acne-causing bacteria from spreading
  • It helps exfoliate dead skin cells, accelerating cellular turnover and preventing breakouts
  • It helps dry out blemishes
  • It helps reduce oiliness, keeping breakouts at bay

Awesome, right?

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Does Sulfur Have Any Side Effects?

Well, since you asked, there IS a problem.

Sulfur has a high pH, which can disrupt the skin’s protective barrier. When this happens, moisture evaporates until your skin gets all dried out. Bacteria and germs can now get inside your skin too, making it more prone to irritations. Bummer!

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How To Use Sulfur To Treat Acne

Just because sulfur can be drying, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it. You just have to use it responsibly. Here’s what it means.

Lots of brands will tell you their sulfur masks can be used all over your face. DON’T believe them. Slathering sulfur where it’s not needed isn’t a good idea. You don’t want to dry out your skin just to get rid of one small pimple.

Let me say it again: sulfur isa spot treatment for pimples only. if you don’t have them, don’t use it.

What Are The Best Products With Sulfur?

  • Epionce Purifying Spot Gel ($38.00): available at at Dermstore 
  • Kate Sommerville EradiKate Mask Foam-Activated Acne Treatment ($54.00): available at Cult Beauty, Nordstrom and Sephora
  • ZO Skin Health Oeffects Sulfur Masque ($45.00): available at ZOSkinHealth

The Bottom Line

Sulfur is a powerful weapon in the fight against acne and pimples. It’ll kill the nasty buggers super quickly. Just don’t use it anywhere else or you’ll fix one problem only to cause a worse one!