when it's a good idea to add olive oil to your shampoo

This may sound weird but… I add olive oil to my shampoo all the time.

Hear me out: shampoos can leave hair dry. But add a few drops of a moisturizing oil and your locks stay soft and moisturised even after a vigorous washing session.

The catch? It makes the shampoo less effective. And that’s not exactly a bad thing…

Why Do You Use Shampoo?

There’s a reason why shampoos are drying. Their job is to dissolve the oils on your hair. I’m not talking just about excess sebum. Some of your haircare products have moisturizing oils to keep your hair soft and shiny. Problem is, these oils attract dirt and dust, too.

When your hair gets dirty, you WANT to wash it. Enter shampoo. It uses surfactants, a family that allows oil to mix with water so that they can be rinsed off.

Surfactants get a bad rap for being harsh and drying. But if they’re too mild, they won’t clean. If you’ve ever tried to wash oily hair with sulphate-free shampoos, you know what I’m talking about. Very mild surfactants work well only for children or dry hair.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should use the strongest surfactants, like sodium lauryl sulphate. I avoid that like the plague, too.

The key is to find a shampoo that contains cleansing agents strong enough to remove oils well but gentle enough not to cause irritations or dryness.

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Why Should You Add A Few Drops Of Olive Oil To Your Shampoo?

But if your shampoo is already too harsh? That’s where olive oil comes in.

Here’s the deal: shampoo dry out hair when they remove every trace of oil and sebum from your hair. By adding more oil to your shampoo, you’re guaranteed to have a little left on your locks after washing.

This extra oil moisturises your hair without making it look dirt and greasy. Win win.

The Bottom Line

Shampoo drying out your hair? Adding a few drops of olive oil prevents the shampoo from removing ALL traces of oils from your locks, keeping them softer and shinier for longer.

Have you ever added oil to your shampoo? Share your experience in the comments below.