should you wash your makeup brushes before your first use

Do you wash your new makeup brushes before you use them for the first time?

If you answered no, you’re not alone. A lot of people don’t wash their brand new brushes before first using them. After all, they’re new and still in their plastic packs, so they’re bound to be clean and germ-free, right?

Isn’t washing them before you use them unnecessary?

No. Here’s why:

Should You Wash Makeup Brushes Before You First Use Them?

Here’s the deal:, you have no way of knowing where your brushes have been.

They may have been lying around in the factory for months, collecting dust, dirt, and who knows maybe germs too, before they were packaged and shipped to the store.

Your brushes are gonna come into contact with your skin, so you need to make sure they are clean and sterilized before you use them, otherwise you run the risk of them making you break out or, worse, give you an infection.

But there is also another reason why you should wash your new brushes before using them. Some brushes may bleed or shed a few hairs the first few times you use them so, if you wash them, these stray hair will end up down the drain instead than on your face.

Agood wash will also make the strong and unpleasant glue scent new brushes tend to have disappear.

The Bottom Line

Next time you buy a new makeup brush, wash it with water and baby shampoo (it’s so delicate and won’t ruin the bristles). You, and your brushes, will feel better, if you do!