should you remove your cuticles

“Gio, I love your nail colou… wait! Why haven’t you removed your cuticles?!”

It’s a sin for a beauty blogger to paint her nails without removing her cuticles. But, I don’t care.

Cuticles may not look all that pretty. But they’re SO useful, and getting rid of them is never a good idea. Here’s why:

Why You Should NOT Remove Your Cuticles

Those little ugly things have a a very important job to do: they connect the skin of your fingers to your nails, creating a seal that prevents water and germs to get inside your body.

When you remove this seal, you’re opening the door to germs and bacteria that could give you an infection. Paronychia, to be exact. Paronychia makes your fingers all red and swollen, and takes ages to heal. Even with proper treatment (usually antibiotics or surgical drainage), we’re talking months.

It doesn’t matter how you remove your cuticles, by the way. You could cut them, bite them, or even just push them back. The result is the same: you’re risking a nasty infection.

Do you still want to remove your cuticles? Let me know in the comments below.