edom shea body butter ocean mist review

As winter quickly approaches, it’s time to switch from lightweight body lotions to thicker body butters. Actually… Who am I kidding? I never need to switch anything.

My body skin is as parched as the Sahara, and needs the super moisturizing powers of body butters even in the heat of summer. *sighs*

But I guess yours is different, and needs something richer only during the cold winter months? In that case, you may want to pick up a jar of Edom Shea Body Butter in Ocean Mist. Here’s why:

What’s In Edom Shea Body Butter In Ocean Mist?


I’m not surprised to see glycerin here. This baby is pretty much in all your skincare products. For a reason.

It’s a humectant that draws water from the environment into the skin. The more moisture your skin has, the better it looks. Moisture plumps up skin, makes fine lines and wrinkles look smaller, and even gives the complexion a dewy glow.

It’s the perfect base for every skincare product.

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Isopropyl Myristate has two jobs in skincare:

  • Emollient: It makes skin softer and smoother
  • Texture-enhancer: It makes the texture more pleasant to use

The problem? It’s super comedogenic. 

Oh, scientists are quick to tell you there’s no scientific study proving it clogs pores. That’s true. But then how do you explain that whenever I use a face cream with Isopropyl Myristate, I get pimples left, right, and centre?

Luckily, it doesn’t do the same on my body. What causes problems for oily skin can be innocuous for dry skin. But I thought I’d mention it, in case you have problems with this ingredient, too.

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Shea butter is a godsend for dry skin. Derived from the nut of the Shea tree, this fat is rich in moisturising fatty acids and antioxidants.

Fatty acids are what makes it work so well: they create a protective barrier on the skin that slows down water loss. Moisture is now forced to stay into the skin, hydrating it from within.

FYI, shea butter is even more moisturising than mineral oil (what derms consider the gold standard for moisturisation). Its effects lasts for up to 8 hours, if not more!

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edom shea body butter 01


On the thicker side, yet it doesn’t leave any residue behind. It sinks in very quickly.


Ocean Mist is lovely. Clean. Fresh. Slightly salty. Like the sea on a warm, calm day. It lingers long, but subtly. You need to be very close to smell it.

How To Use It

Apply it after a shower or whenever you need the extra moisture.

edom shea body butter 02

Performance & Personal Opinion

Edom Shea Body Butter is thick. It’s a body butter, after all. My dry skin digs that. The richer the butter, the better. It soaks it up in a heartbeat.

The best part? It doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind. I can just put it on and get dressed straight away.

But what if your skin isn’t dry? In that case, this’ll take longer to absorb on you, so your skin may feel tackier for a while. But then, you don’t really need a body butter in the first place…

If it’s for you, you’ll love how moisturising it is. It keeps my skin soft and smooth from the moment I apply it early in the morning till late at night. No need to reapply it in between.

edom shea body butter 03

Who Is This For?

Sensitive skin.

Who Is This Not For?

Oily, acne-prone skin.


It’s a big white jar with a silver lid. It’s not the prettiest, but it’s sleek and full to the rim. Even if you have super dry skin like mine, it’ll last you for ages.

Does Edom Shea Body Butter Ocean Mist Live Up To Its Claims?

Experience a delightfully soft skin with this exceptional intense body cream, enriched with Cellvitin™, our unique scientifically blended mixture of Dead Sea Minerals, Shea Butter and antioxidant plant oils (Pomegranate, Almond, Grape Seed oil), to provide a remarkably smooth, moisturized and nourished skin. True.
Enjoy a fresh and soothing feeling, with long lasting aroma, pampering body skin and spirit!True.

Price & Availability

£30.09 at Judaica Webstore

Do You Need It?

I wouldn’t say it’s a need. But it’s a great option for dry skin.

Dupes & Alternatives


Water, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, Isopropyl Myristate, Cetyl Alcohol, Peg-40 Stearate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Benzyl Alcohol, Maris Sal (Dead Sea Salt), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) Extract, Fragrance, Sorbitan Tristearate, Polysorbate 60, Salicylic Acid, Sorbic Acid.