My-Skin-But-Better: By Terry Light Expert Click Brush Foundation

by Gio

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Foundations with in-built brushes: yay or nay?

I’ve always been firmly in the nay camp. Sure, they’re convenient, but those brush heads get dirty so quickly, and they’re impossible to clean. Just think of all the germs and gunk that end up on our faces every time we swipe them on. Ewww!

Not with By Terry Light Expert Click Brush Foundation. The newly improved version of the iconic Light Expert, the foundation now comes with a detachable brush. You can easily unscrew it after every application (ok, I do it after 2 or 3, cos I’m lazy like that) and give it a good wash. Yay for hygiene!

That’s not the only cool thing about the brush. Gone is the boring flat brush head. Now, it’s a slanted kabuki. Much easier to follow the contours of the face with it now. The bristles are super soft to the touch, but firm enough to blend everything seamlessly.

by terry light expert click brush foundation 02

If you have time, that is. When I really take the time to work it in, I get a flawless, streak-free application. When I’m in a rush, I’ll just brush it on, and use a sponge, or even just my fingers, to blend it in.

The way the product is dispensed makes application easier too. Rather than appearing in one huge dollop in the center, four little drops appear every time you give the foundation a click. This way, foundation is more easily distributed all over the face. Handy, isn’t it?

You can control the amount that comes out too. Click once for a sheer, luminous finish. Twice for a more intense, almost medium coverage. Neither covers serious imperfections, like heavy dark circles or breakouts, though. I need a concealer for that.

But I’m seriously impressed with how good the coverage is. The texture is so lightweight, almost airy. It really feels like you have absolutely nothing on. And yet, it evens out the skintone beautifully, and gives it a radiant glow that lasts for most of the day.

by terry light expert click brush foundation 03

By Terry Light Expert Click Brush is infused with light prisms and camouflage micro-pigments that reflect the light, helping hide imperfections and brightening up the whole face. It gives me that lovely healthy glow we’re all craving for, but in a very natural way. It’s my skin but better in a tube.

It’s also incredibly versatile. I use it mostly as foundation. I click, place the brush on my face, stroke, dab, and blend it out from the center all over the face. Normal stuff.

But you can also use it as highlighter. Just apply it on those areas where the sun naturally hits your face – like your cheekbones, your cupid’s bow, and your forehead – to get that angelic, natural glow.

And it’s great to touch up foundation. When half of it has already disappeared off my face, I don’t have to take the rest off too and do my makeup all over again. I can just apply By Terry Light Expert Click Brush on top of it. It never looks cakey. Best of all, it works with any foundation.

by terry light expert click brush foundation 04

And did I mention how heavenly the scent is? It smells of roses. Light and delicate, it fades quickly, but makes application that little bit more pleasant. Terry de Gunzburg, the makeup genius behind the brand, has really thought of everything.

Well, almost. There are only six shades available, so not everyone will be able to find their match. Mine is n°4, Rosy Beige, but unfortunately, I was given n°2 Apricot Light by mistake. It’s a bit too warm for my complexion, but still a decent match.

In the photo above, though, I’m wearing n°2, which I had the chance to try at the event for the launch of the foundation. Almost a perfect match, as you can see.

The other con is the price. At £48 for 19.5ml, By Terry Light-Expert Click Brush isn’t cheap. But I wouldn’t hesitate to splurge on it.

The packaging (you can even unscrew the bottom part to see how much you have left), the brush, the finish, the texture… Everything screams luxury. As it should, at this price point.


Pros: My-skin-but-better look; Natural, buildable coverage and radiant finish; Lightweight texture, feels like you have nothing on; Good staying power; Brush dispenses product evenly and blends is seamless; Brush can be detached and cleaned easily; Versatile, can be used as foundation, highlighter, and quick touch-ups; Lovely rose scent.

Cons: Only six shades available; Pricey.

Summary: Thanks to its lightweight texture, buildable coverage, and radiant finish, By Terry Light-Expert Click Brush makes it easy to achieve that “my-skin-but-better” look. The brush blends everything seamlessly, and can be detached for easy cleaning. But there are only six shades available, so not everyone will be able to find a good match.

Price & Availability: $48 at Space NK.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Janessa October 3, 2015 - 2:43 am

I’m not a foundation person but if I were to get into it, I’d love a dewy skin-like finish! By Terry sure has some pretty luxurious products! I enjoy scented cosmetics, as long as I like the scent. 😀

Gio October 3, 2015 - 6:16 am

Janessa, then you would love this. The finish is very dewy, and it feels (and looks) like you have nothing on. So natural!


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