5 travelling skincare tips

Summer is almost here, and that means sun, sea, sand and much-needed holidays. Yay!

That brings the question: what are you going to bring with you in your carry-on bag?

You definitely need sunscreen. And a cleanser. And an anti-aging serum. And, your entire skincare routine, basically. But how to make it all fit into a small carry-on bag – and without breaking the draconian restrictions on liquids, too?

You need to pack smart, my beautiful friend. Here’s how to pack your skincare products with you when you travel:

Skincare Travelling Tip #1: Figure Out What You Need

Everything, I know. But you can’t bring everything, so let’s start with the essentials.

Mine are a cleanser, a moisturizing sunscreen, an antioxidant serum, a lip balm, a night cream, and a body lotion. Your list may be different. For example, if you have dry skin, you’ll want to pack your fave daytime moisturizer or hydrating serum to the list.

Don’t forget to bring along any prescription products you’re using. If you suffer from acne, it would be a good idea to pack a salicylic acid exfoliant or your fave spot treatment.

What to leave at home? Toners, eye creams, masks, scrubs, and even most serums can be left at home. Most hotels provide shampoos and body washes, so there’s no need to bring those too.

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Skincare Travelling Tip #2: Choose The Right Products

Now you know what to bring along, make sure those products are suitable for the climate of your destination. If you’re going somewhere hot and humid, go with a lightweight moisturizer.  But if the weather’s dry and cold, you’d better pack a heavier moisturizer or you’ll return home with dry and flaky patches on your skin!

travel skincare tips 01

Skincare Travelling Tip #3: Switch Liquids With Solids

If you can, opt for solids or even wipes instead of liquids. They’ll definitely get past security and there are no restrictions on them. If you prefer to bring along your own shampoo and body wash, make a trip to a Lush store beforehand. They have so many cute bath & body products that work really well and are airplane-friendly, too. If you don’t wear much makeup, you can also take your cleansing wipes with you (but only if the trip is short!).

Skincare Travelling Tip #4: Opt For Multitasking Products

Another trick I use to save time in my carry-on bag is to opt for multi-tasking products, like a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream. If I bring my own conditioner, I’ll also use it as shaving cream (makes my skin so soft!).

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Skincare Travelling Tip #5: Go Mini

Even if you don’t break the liquid restrictions, skincare products are so heavy they can make you go over the weight limit for your luggage. I don’t want to risk paying a heavy fine because my suitcase slightly exceeds the weight limitation, so I leave my full-size products at home.

But I still want to bring their contents with me, so I pour them into handy travel-size containers. This trick is also handy if you can’t bare the thought of leaving that beloved mask or toner at home.

Just make sure they all fit into a quart-size zip lock bag. Oh, none of the individual products can exceed 100ml. Yes, these silly rules were obviously made by men.

If you’re not a fan of decanting, you can go to your fave beauty store or ask for samples. Some brands also sell travel kits with sample sizes of their best-sellers. It’s a great way to try them without breaking the bank.

How do you pack your skincare products when you travel? Share your skincare travelling tips in the comments below.