concealer problems fixed

Have you ever bought a concealer and then regretted it because the colour was wrong or you didn’t like the texture?

I always end up with the wrong colour. I’m so pale, the lightest shade often tends to be too dark for my complexion. And if, by some kind of miracle, I get the shade right, you can rest assured it’s too thick and hard to work with.

I know what you’re thinking: why don’t you just return it?

Because not every country has the same generous return policy as the US. Here in Europe, once you’ve swatched a concealer once, you’re stuck with it for life. No returns allowed.

But not all hope is lost. There are still ways to make the wrong concealer work for you. Here’s how:

What To Do If You Buy The Wrong Shade Of Concealer

Has this ever happened to you? You try on a concealer at the makeup counter and you swear it’s the perfect match. But as soon as you get home and put it on, you realise it’s the wrong shade for you. Those glaring shopping lights had sent you astray!

You can fix this in two days:

  1. Mix it up: Mix your new concealer with a foundation or other concealer in your stash to create the right shade for you.
  2. Layer it up: Instead of putting on concealer after foundation, do the opposite. Apply your concealer first to counteract any dark circles or angry pimples and then layer foundation on top to even out the skin tone.

Problem solved.

What To Do If Your Concealer Is Too Thick

Does your concealer has a very thick texture that’s hard to spread? Don’t apply it straight from the tube. Instead, pick up a little product with your fingers and put it on the back of your hand. Then use your finger to rub it. The heat will dilute the texture so that it’s easier to apply.

What To Do If Your Concealer Is Too Thin

What if you have the opposite problem and your concealer is so thin to the point of being runny? You’re trying to place it on your under eye area, but it keeps slipping down your face. Argh! Mix it with a tiny amount of loose powder. It’ll thicken the texture and increase the coverage. If you accidentally use too much powder and your concealer is now dry, simply add a drop of moisturiser or foundation. Sorted.

What do you do when you buy a concealer that doesn’t work for you? Share your tips in the comments below.