dr emmy graber skincare interview

If you listen to NPR radio, you’re probably familiar with Dr Emmy Graber’s, Boston’s go-to dermatologist for all your acne woes.

After dealing with acne herself during her teenage years, Dr Emmy decided to pursue a career in skincare. Today, she’s the founder and president of The Dermatology Institute of Boston, where she specialises in acne, acne scars, and cosmetic dermatology.

When she’s not busy helping her patients deal with acne, she teaches aspiring dermatologists and contributes her opinions to national magazines like O Magazine, InStyle Magazine, and Good Housekeeping.

In this interview, Dr Emmy shares what she uses on her skin. Here are her top tips and product recommendations for flawless skin:

1. When did you become interested in skincare?

I first became interested in skincare when I was a teenager and was forced to deal with pimples!  My first foray into dermatology was learning how to cover up my skin blemishes. At the time I hated dealing with acne, but now I am so grateful that I went through that period in my life because it led to my career as a dermatologist and gave me better perspective for treating my acne patients.

2. What’s your skincare routine like?

I run my own dermatology practice and have two little girls so right now my busy life has led me to adapt to a more simple skin care routine.  I religiously use sunscreen every morning (even in the winter!), wash once a day with a benzoyl peroxide cleanser, use a retinol product at night and also work in topical antioxidants (when I have a spare moment!).

emmy graber skincare secrets

3. If you could only use three skincare products for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Sunscreen, retinol cream, antioxidant serum.

4. What are your fave skincare brands and why?

Dermalogica, Sisley and Epionce. I like them for different reasons but the bottom line is….they work!

5. What are your top 3 skincare tips to take care of your skin?

  1. Use sunscreen everyday. Yes, really, everyday.  Even in January in Boston.
  2. Don’t over wash.  Most people over cleanse. Sometimes, just water is enough!
  3. Use vaseline ointment and a tissue to take off eye makeup.  Nothing fancy needed and the ointment is gentle and hydrating.
emmy graber interview

6. What skincare treatments do you regularly have done?

I have done all of the treatments that I offer to patients on myself.  I have to know what it is like and I have to know that it works in order for it to be good enough for my patients.

7. What lifestyle habits do you have that keep your skin in top shape?

I wear a hat as much as possible.  I keep several by my front door so that I can’t forget one when I run out.  This gives me extra sun protection. 

8. What’s in your makeup bag?

Lots of stuff.  I have more options in my makeup bag than I can put on my face but I like to mix it up from day to day.  I belong to a subscription beauty service so that each month I get new products to try.  This way I can stay current and know what my patients are using.

Thank you, Dr Emmy!

You can learn more about Dr Emmy and her work at Derm Boston.