Creative Energy Spiced Pomegranate Soy Lotion Candle review

I’m probably the only beauty blogger who has never reviewed a candle before.

I’m not a candle person. Skincare fascinates me. Perfume enchants me. Lipstick makes me feel powerful. But, a candle? It does nothing for me.

Until I heard of Creative Energy Candles. When they melt, they turn into body balms. How cool is that? (Now, that’s my kind of candle!).

I put Spiced Pomegranate to the test. Here’s what happened:

What’s In Creative Energy Spiced Pomegranate Soy Lotion Candle?


Coconut oil is high in saturated fats, like lauric, myristic and palmitic that make it incredibly moisturising. Studies show it’s as good as mineral oil at moisturizing skin. It’s also very gentle so babies can use it too.

The catch? Coconut oil is comedogenic and can give you pimples. This is more of a problem with oily, acne-prone skin. If yours is dry, you can get away with slathering it all over your skin without getting a single zit.

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It’s not lightweight, but not too rich and waxy. It sinks in quickly within minutes, too.

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Creative Energy Candles come in many variants and scents. I have Spiced Pomegranate, a blend of fruits and spices. More spices than fruits.

I can detect the faint aroma of apples and the tangy scent of pomegranate, but they almost drown in a sea of clove and cardamom.

I love my spices more than I love my fruits, so I don’t mind that at all. The scent is absolutely gorgeous, if a little subtle, and better suited for the cold winter months.

But, I use it all year around because I live in London, and it’s not like we get much of a summer here. It’s sunny today, but last week, it felt more like October than July. *sighs*

How To Use It

Once the candle has melted, wait until it’s cooled down a bit. Then pour some of the liquid wax into your hand and rub it all over your body.

creative energy candles spiced pomegranate

Performance & Personal Opinion

Creative Energy Spiced Pomegranate Soy Lotion Candle smells like the holidays. But I don’t burn it whenever I feel like it. I only burn it when I want to use it as a body lotion.

Once it’s melted, you can pour some of the liquid wax into your hand and rub it all over your body. Not straight away, obvs. You need to wait a few minutes for it to cool down if you don’t want to burn yourself.

I was afraid the melted liquid wax would feel like, well… wax. Really thick and uncomfortable, you know? But, it wasn’t like that, at all. It felt just like any other body balm. It’s not too rich, so it’s easy to apply and doesn’t take ages to sink in.

Unless you wait too long to apply it. As the minutes pass, the liquid wax turns solid again until you get your candle back. It’s considerably softer than before, but it’ll feel waxy on the skin and won’t sink in that well. It feels like it just stays on the surface, if you know what I mean.

But if you apply it at the right time, it leaves even my dry skin soft and smooth for hours. If it works for me, it works for anyone, trust me!

Who Is This For?

Dry skin.

Who Is This NOT For?

  • Oily/acne-prone skin: Coconut oil may clog your pores
  • Sensitive skin: It has essential oils that may irritate your skin


I have the small travel tin (3.05oz) you can carry around with you everywhere. But it also comes in two bigger versions. The medium glass has 7oz while the large glass 10oz.

Does Creative Energy Spiced Pomegranate Soy Lotion Candle Live Up To Its Claims?

Smells like holiday cheer, all year round.  True.
This is the perfect scent for your holiday party with the added bonus of soothing winter’s dry hands!  True.

Price & Availability

3.05oz, $12.00; 7oz, $20.00; 5oz, $20.00; 10oz, $29.00 at Creative Energy Candles

Do You Need It?

This candle is by no means a must-have. But, it’s a cool-to-have. It’s what happens when candles and body balms marry and have a baby. If you like both candles and body balms, you’ll like their child, too. Now, why did no one think about this before?


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