warm up thick concealers

Some concealers are just a pain to work with, aren’t they?

Case in point: Benefit Erase Paste Concealer (now discontinued).

It salmon hue completely covers even the darkest of dark circles and brightens up the eye area to boot. But, its thick, concentrated texture will tug at your skin. Plus, once on, it looks cakey and unnatural. It’s so annoying you’ll want to throw it away.

Don’t do that! You’ll miss out on its benefits. Not to mention the money you’ll be throwing away too. What a waste! Especially, when a simple trick can turn an unblendable concealer into one that applies effortlessly. How?

It’s easy. Dab or, if the concealer is in liquid form, squeeze a tiny amount of product on the back of your hand, and rub it back and forth with a finger. The heat will give the concealer more slip, allowing it to glide smoothly on the skin. No tugging. And it won’t look cakey either.

You can do this trick with pretty much any creamy, liquid, or stick concealer or foundation that has a thick, hard-to-blend texture. It works like a charm every time.

What do you do when you come across a concealer or foundation with a very thick texture? Share your experience in the comments below.