• ginseng in skincare

    Ginseng In Skincare: Why Are The Koreans Obsessed With It?

    Ever wondered what’s the secret ingredient in Korean skincare? Sure, we know the Koreans are obsessed with hydration. It’s the foundation of good skin, no doubt about that. They also like to experiment with weird ingredients (snail slime, anyone?) and come up with all kind of gimmicks that put a new twist on an old […]


  • citrus acid in skincare

    Is Citric Acid An Effective Alternative To Glycolic Acid?

    Have you ever heard of Citric Acid? It’s a relative of Glycolic Acid. It does pretty much the same thing, yet no one uses it. Why is that?! Let’s find out: What Is Citric Acid? Citric acid is a member of the exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acids family (the same family Glycolic Acid belongs to, too). […]


  • apricot kernel oil skincare

    Apricot Kernel Oil: How Does It Benefit Skin?

    Apricot kernel oil is the underdog of natural oils. You know, the one no one talks about. It’s not as moisturising as coconut oil. It’s not fungal-acne safe as squalane oil. It’s not a powerful wrinkle-fighter like rosehip oil. And so, it gets left behind. Shame. Apricot kernel oil may not be the most exciting […]


  • octisalate

    Is Octisalate In Sunscreen Safe?

    Is Octisalate in sunscreen safe? This is a common UV filter no one talks about. It’s not praised to high heavens like zinc oxide. Vilified like Avobenzone. Or touted as a revolution like Mexoryl. It passes under the radar, until someone tells you that the old generation of chemical sunscreen is out to kill you. […]


  • kaolin clay in skincare

    Kaolin Clay: What It Is And How It Benefits Skin

    A clay mask isn’t just a pampering treat. If you’ve got oily, acne-prone skin, putting mud on your face can give your skin a matte, shine-free look and keep breakouts at bay. But what type of clay is best? For moderately oily skin, go with kaolin clay. Here’s why: What Is Kaolin Clay? Kaolin clay […]